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  1. colocowboy

    What the hello, why not...

    I need a place to document my work it will help me keep dates and different aspects about what I’m doing. This is a documentary on a medicinal perpetual grow, a place to discuss growing cannabis but mostly a way to keep track of dates and pictures. I live in New Mexico and it’s a good life here...
  2. colocowboy

    Cinderella 99 (pineapple) - Frost Bros

    IDENTIFICATION ================================================= Date: 2011-2012 Strain: Cinderella 99 pineapple Judge: Colocowboy Breeder: Frost Bros Grower: Colocowboy ================================================= PHYSICAL EXAMINATION =================================================...
  3. colocowboy

    Redbirds Hanging Around

    Someone has to show some love for the St. Louis Cardinals! Making a stand that no one thought they would/could make, sneaking into the playoffs now staging an all out revolt against the Rangers! GO CARDS!