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  1. DoubleAtotheRON

    Handy tip #264

    Yeah, I just made that number up. I've been through numerous PH soil prob pens, EC meters, etc.. I'm on well water, and as you know, it can be hard on your sensitive equipment. I got tired of forgetting to bring a bottle of distilled water to the grow, so I just set a cup under my AC...
  2. DoubleAtotheRON


    Well, I've got em. I lay my sticky traps about an inch above the soil supported by the lip of the pot, and a plant tag stake. I didn't really notice them at first, they are really fucking tiny!... looks like dust on the trap. I guess they jumped and got caught in the traps.. Never had them...
  3. DoubleAtotheRON

    Looking for Stephen from HLG

    Anybody heard from him? Haven't seen him on here in a while. I tried searching his name, but I forgot what his screen name was.. Got an issue.
  4. DoubleAtotheRON

    Transpiration.. it's more than you think.

    I just did a calculation on my condensation output from my AC and Dehuyes. I pulled 220ml in 60 seconds. That's 86.3 gallons a day! Which is about the amount I feed every day. I was thinking more like half of that, but.... "The more you Know"... Yeah, Im bored today.
  5. DoubleAtotheRON

    VPD... yes, another thread on it, but with a twist.

    Looking for some real experience here. I've ran a crop following VPD to the T during veg and early flower, and have failed for microbes before (mold/bud rot) without an H203 system. Last run was with an AirROS H203 system and labs came back with "non detected", but I cut back my RH during the...
  6. DoubleAtotheRON

    Growing but not drinking.

    I got this pheno that’s just not drinking like she should. Weird markings on the mid leaves too. grown from seeds. Ethos Crescendo C25 soil Ph- 6.55 Flora nutes per schedule 900 PAR 3 days since flip RH 60ish day and night (gonna bring that down shortly) Temps- 83 day/69-70 night The lower...
  7. DoubleAtotheRON

    Any legal State Commercial growers out there? (not Oklahoma)

    Looking for some input on the METRC reporting system we have being integrated over the next couple of months.
  8. DoubleAtotheRON

    Hard PH corrections

    As some of you have heard, the method I use to correct a crashing PH in soil seems harsh, but it works. Here’s a sick plant I had with a ph of 5.1 I fed/flushed her with 10.8 ph mix with 2 times the volume of the pot. This is a few days later, and soil has buffered to 6.5 Not perfectly healed...
  9. DoubleAtotheRON

    Don’t buy cheap equipment!

    I got this off of Amazon to monitor the CO in the grow room. A winter freeze has forced me to set up a diesel powered ReadyHeater in my garage to keep pipes from freezing. Just out of curiosity, I closed the garage door for about 4 hours. I had this meter in the house, and the co was reading...
  10. DoubleAtotheRON

    Anyone tried the CannaBrush?

    A buddy of mine swears by this. I would think it would be good for prep before you run it through your machine trimmer, or just by itself on a smaller scale. We pump out about 27 or so lbs every harvest, and we dry trim. Sometimes (alot actually) the sugar leaf will lay flat on the bud and makes...
  11. DoubleAtotheRON

    Merry Christmas!

    From us at The Compound, we hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
  12. DoubleAtotheRON

    Having hell cloning..

    I've got 3 CloneKings, and they worked great when I first got them. I had 99% success rate. After a couple of uses, I can't get shit to root in them. the stems just rot. I didn't even try that hard when I first got them, and they worked great. Thinking of going to a Rapid Rooter with a dome...
  13. DoubleAtotheRON

    Monday morning humor...

    I’ve done this too many times. ....
  14. DoubleAtotheRON

    Oklahoma Growers Thread!

    Ok all you Okies!.. let's post, discuss the every changing laws, dealing with outdoor grows, your indoor grows, how you deal with the Oklahoma heat, and or arctic temps (cuz we have both) lets see your grows!
  15. DoubleAtotheRON

    Safety first!

    This is just a reminder to not grab the fan by the back. I really need to make a handle for it.
  16. DoubleAtotheRON

    Still new to CO2.... but learning.

    Im in mid week 5 of flower. CO2 is burning at ~1400ppm. At lights on, the CO2 has dropped to ~600, and the temps are at upper 60's, RH bottoms out at ~45. The pattern has been what I just said about lights on, but as the 12 hour day goes on, I will see the RH rise to 60ish, and the temps will...
  17. DoubleAtotheRON

    There’s always that one plant.

    This one has me perplexed. Same clone from the mother as her sisters sitting right next to her. Soil: BM7 Last feed was at 800ppm of Tiger Bloom, mammothP, and Cal Mag on the 16th (8 days ago) , but will be ready to feed again in the morning. (Not eating well) Soil is at 6.24 PH Whole room is...
  18. DoubleAtotheRON

    White crust in leaf serrations..

    Never seen this before. It’s only on a handful of leafs out of a room of 78 plants. It’s only on the tips of the edges, growing in BM7, room is at 80-83 degrees with CO2 at 1300ppm, 55-60Rh. One week into flower. Feeding Tiger Bloom at 500ml per 50 gallons, CalMag at 250ml, and Mammoth P at...
  19. DoubleAtotheRON

    Anybody in legal States familiar with METRC?

    Looks like METRC got the bid for Oklahoma on seed to sale tracking. Supposed to be up and operating in 6 months.. Anybody using it?
  20. DoubleAtotheRON

    Compound HQ's 6th run 20x30 Clones only.

    Well kids, it's about that time again to do another run! Our Summer experimental grow was not great. We had 2 strains that got some mold, and we are sending those to processors. The other strains (Orange Kush Cake, and Dosi seem to tolerate it well, and are good to go to market). Another great...