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  1. PhishPhood16

    Seed websites is always solid.
  2. PhishPhood16

    What are nanners

    Time for @Wizzlebiz to show what nanners are!
  3. PhishPhood16

    Starting seeds and why you do it that way

    I just place my seed in soil, in 4x4in cell pots. Lightly water with a spray bottle. In 4 days, you have seedlings.
  4. PhishPhood16

    Very high humidity and bud rot outdoor

    I would do a landrace sativa, they are built for sub tropical/tropical weather.
  5. PhishPhood16

    LED's are they mostly the same ?

    It's only PG&E in San Diego. My parents pay a third of what I pay, they have Edison in Orange County.
  6. PhishPhood16

    LED's are they mostly the same ?

    Neptune seeds, $150- $250 a pack for IHG.
  7. PhishPhood16

    LED's are they mostly the same ?

    Lucky, in San Diego we just hit summer rates on June 1, 27cents a kwh!
  8. PhishPhood16

    Official Gaia Green Grow Method

    Coming soon to the U.S., but still missing the basics.
  9. PhishPhood16

    Help! cant afford to max, have to cut back on grow : I

    You don't need 2 threads about the same thing.
  10. PhishPhood16


    You will be fine, maybe a bit sore. Water on, if needed.
  11. PhishPhood16

    Square One Genetics

    Yep! Me too!
  12. PhishPhood16

    Does any of you guys know the seedbanks that reships till I get em?

    Attitude kept sending me a replacement order, after the order was confiscated twice. The went ultra stealth on the 3 try, I thought they forgot to add the seeds.
  13. PhishPhood16

    Square One Genetics

    End of this week.
  14. PhishPhood16

    Putting together a tent

    I find zip ties to be very helpful in grow tents.
  15. PhishPhood16

    Should I Harvest?????

    Come on, air fryers are the way to go!
  16. PhishPhood16

    5th day??

    It's better to start out in a small pot, easier to control watering, but most importantly, a small pot helps the seedling to establish a healthy rootball.
  17. PhishPhood16

    sugar leaves, pistils turning orange but no god damn bud development

    Using the shade of colored water, is how you make your nutrient solution?
  18. PhishPhood16

    Bred by 42 Freebies?

    I have Code Black OG by 42, as freebie beans.