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  1. The Loafter

    sq ft vs cu ft wattage

    assuming my 4lx4wx6 tent needs 480 watts (30 watts/ sq foot), would the same tent on its side - 6lx4wx4h still need just 480 watts
  2. The Loafter


    Heyo I can't get to this website anymore. Can you guys try it and lmk if it goes through? It told my buddy and I that i can not connect. Wanting to confirm whether or not they've been shut down. Thanks in advance.
  3. The Loafter

    Mutant or ?

    This lady/dude looked fucked up from the start but that's cool isn't it? Coming along now , could do better with better caretaker. Oh well. Any thoughts?
  4. The Loafter

    Sub Canopy Lighting.

    Stumbled on this Abstract The influence of light spectral quality on cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) development is not well defined. It stands to reason that tailoring light...
  5. The Loafter

    Infrared heatlamp

    Anyone Try adding a 100w heat lamp on top of their 800watt of qbs? might be a cheap way to add the reds to the existing qb builds. I'll be trying one soon i think.