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  1. jungle666

    Yellow blotches

    Noticed this on a few leaves, outdoor plant, can diagnose the problem and tell me how to treat it,thanks jungle
  2. jungle666

    Powdery mildew?

    Not sure if it is or not open to opinions
  3. jungle666

    Germinating seeds

    I currently have seeds in wet paper towel, most have cracked open, they've been in the wet paper for 2 days, should i wait until they have a proper tail or pot them, cheers jungle
  4. jungle666

    Strain supermarket

    Anyone got any Intel on this mob, cheers jungle
  5. jungle666

    Strain supermarket

    Has anyone used this mob, prices seem reasonable
  6. jungle666

    No idea

    Well ive got no idea what's wrong with this plant, any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers jungle
  7. jungle666

    Weed seeds express,

    Just ordered some original glue, has anyone delt with this mob
  8. jungle666

    Girl or boy

    Or is it too early
  9. jungle666

    Starting off indoor

    I’m thinking of starting my grow indoor for a couple of months before the outdoor season here in aus , my question is , can I use standard Fluro lights or would the plants grow out better if I used 150w full spectrum led,s ,cheers j
  10. jungle666


    Thinking of buying off this site, anyone tried them
  11. jungle666

    Rain coming

    Forecast for around an inch of rain midweek, do you think any of these are close enough , bit worried about the dreaded bud rot
  12. jungle666

    Abusing your plant

    Year’s ago I had an orange tree,it didn’t fruit for years, a bloke told me to give the trunk a good flogging with the back of an axe, next spring that tree was loaded. My question is I have a plant that’s in the window,thinking of doing the same,has anyone tried this or heard of anyone doing this
  13. jungle666

    Patients grasshopper

    that’s what I’ve been telling myself the last month, now I’m pretty sure this one is in the window,what do you think.
  14. jungle666

    Quality scissors

    nearly that time for me, so I’m after a quality pair of trim scissors,chikamasa scissors read well , can someone advise me please
  15. jungle666

    Plant problems,

    does this look like phosphorus deficiency ,or something else
  16. jungle666

    The final countdown

    the plant in the first 3 picks is close , don’t know about the other couple ,what do you think
  17. jungle666

    Trim bag

    just had a look at this on YouTube, looks like a great idea can anyone give me some honest feedback on the product,cheers j
  18. jungle666

    Harlequin beetles

    can anyone tell me how to get rid of them, cheers j
  19. jungle666

    Yellow leaves

    What do you think just about to put them into the ground.
  20. jungle666

    Spots on leaves

    Has anyone got an idea what these white spots are, thanks j