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  1. Kief84

    Why hasn’t one plant started to flower?

    I’m about five and a half weeks into my second grow, 2x Critical auto 2x Blackberry gum and a freebie uk cheese auto. They are in soil and perlite 80/20 under a 220w led and are getting half recommended feed ever other water so roughly every six days. At the very beginning they were showing cal...
  2. Kief84

    Can someone identify this creature?

    Ive been noticing small holes appear over the last few days and after much reasearch and many hours sitting and watching i found this t beetle looking critter, i removed him and squashed his head. Today i find more holes and spot another exactly the same, can anyone tell me what this is and how...
  3. Kief84

    Germination question

    Ive just germinated 2x critica auto 2x blackberry gum auto and 1 uk cheese photo i believe I ve germinated the straight in 7.5L fabric pots, dunno what that would be in gallons? They are in the tent with the last 2 critical that have about a week left but im noticing they are drying out very...
  4. Kief84

    First grow nearly ready

    How much longer do i have to wait??
  5. Kief84

    65 day Critical auto 66 days in

    This is my first indoor grow, it was going to be outside but the weather this year shit so i bought a small set up, i wasnt prepared at all and by the time it was all here and set up my ladies had begun to flower, i had previously had them under a small blurple usb lamp, and considering the...