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  1. bri77

    Sanity check before I buy light for a 2' x 4' x 5'

    Hi guys, I planning a soil grow in a 5' tall tent. I'm looking at a 240 watt two panel lamp from kingbrite. Soil surface will be 12" to 16" high, plants another 30" high, leaving me with about 16" for the light. Carbon filter will be off to the side of the light with the fan outside the tent...
  2. bri77

    Found a few seeds in my bud

    Hi guys, I just finished my second grow. It was from bag seed. A single plant in a 4 x4 . It must have self pollenated because I found seeds. About 1 per oz of dryed bud. Bud is doesn't seem effected at all, very potent. So my question is will these seeds grow ordinary plants or will they be...
  3. bri77

    What are these drivers and what can they drive?

    They;re from a Mars II 900 ( 400 draw), 7 in total in the fixture. One has 2 outputs, one used for a pc fan , the other goes to the diodes panel. The other has a single output which goes to the diodes. Whats the best "most efficient" cobs or premade strips I can run off these?
  4. bri77

    4 weeks in flower, leaves brown spots

  5. bri77

    Big news (possibly?). Gavita + Trancend join to make led fixtures
  6. bri77

    vitexextrusions:I thought some of the makers might find this interestring

    Hi guys, These guys make custom extruded aluminum pieces especially designed for leds. 3 TOUGHEST LED LIGHTING DESIGN CHALLENGES SOLVED USING ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS The use of LED lighting is growing rapidly, yet...
  7. bri77

    venting two tents with one fan into one filter?

    Hi guys, Is this possible. I was planning on one of those big floorstanding filters,a fan sitting on top and a Y connecter straight on top, one for each tent.The left duct splits again into the veg and flower comparments of the Secret Jardin L120 (link) tent on the left. The space between the...
  8. bri77

    Help, girls wont stop stretching, 28 days since flip

    Hi guys, Theres 5 plants in the tent, one of them is taking over the whole tent and stretching for the light. Every day she gets an inch or two closer. Should I just bend all those tops? Im a clumsy bastard due to an injury, so anything too tricky will result in broken stems and damaged...
  9. bri77

    diy version of low profile led propagation fixture for small area?

    Hi guys, How would I build a light with the properties of one of the modern commercial low profile propagation leds. Main thing I need is a low profile light and ability to have plants close to light. To achieve this I need low temps and even spread. I'd also like something efficient...