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  1. Senca the Younger

    Puffco - Customer Service

    Purchased a Puffco and arrived dead out of the box. Never worked/never used. Reached out to Puff customer support via email since NO phone support is available. Waited over a week and never heard from them. Filed a dispute with my charge card and BBB. A class action lawsuit (arizona) over...
  2. Senca the Younger

    New to Traverse City

    Relocated to Traverse City Michigan. Looking for a provider that typically has a couple of strains (Day/Night) grown organically (if possible) using an IPM method (if possible). I don't expect my usage to be more than 1 or 2 ounces a month, but have some serious health issues so it could...
  3. Senca the Younger

    Simpson Oil - Cancer Patient last hope

    I'm looking at preparing Simpson Oil in the next few days for a cancer patient who has an non-operatable tumor using 16 oz of organic buds. Strains: 10 oz of Berry Bomb 6 oz of Iced Grapefruit. Hand trimmed. Cured for 30 days. Simpson's Oil recipe differs from his website vs Facebook...
  4. Senca the Younger

    NW Montana Outdoor 2015 - Top Strains & Assumptions

    Growing outside in NW Montana allows you to harvest typically until October 1st. After October 1st it get tougher due to low temps in day/night, and sunlight strength/length. This year I ran Chernobyl, Ice Cream, and Grapefruit Diesel. The Grapefruit Diesel turned out the best. My...
  5. Senca the Younger

    My wish list - next order

    My wish list of strains to grow are always changing, many fall off and other are added, but my wish list to order next are.... Soma Lavender Jordan Seeds God Bud Rare Dankness Ghost Train OG HSO Blue Dream Dinafem Blue Widow
  6. Senca the Younger

    Podcast - My Top 5

    My top podcasts to listen to while trimming. My favorite podcasts to listen to are: Tim Ferris Bulletproof Executive Joe Rogen Big History Chris Kresser *Used to listen to High Times "Free Weed" but I found that I was often annoyed by them...
  7. Senca the Younger

    Favorite Grow Item - Velcro Plant Ties

    Wanted to share one of my favorite growing tool are these velcro plant ties... -They are reusable from harvest to harvest; Strong -Excellent for training (tie downs), supporting, and drying the herb (hanging). Can be...
  8. Senca the Younger

    Ch9 Dispute

    I've always enjoyed growing Ch9 Seeds and have placed orders thru their website several times with always excellent results. I've emailed them questions on which strains of theirs would be best for growing in cold climates outside and received much help from them. I've also grown many of the...