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  1. Jjgrow420

    New toys

    Hey picked up some new toys today. My cash was burning a hole in my pocket so bought a bunch of beans and a couple toys I haven't owned myself before. Anyone try this quantum par meter yet? Any reviews? Opinions?
  2. Jjgrow420

    Can't wait to sniff some pink panties

    Anyone runnin it?
  3. Jjgrow420

    #MarsHydroFCE3000 fc-e contest!

    howdy yall #MarsHydroFCE3000 thanks for the chance at this sweet lookin light @MarsHydrofactory ! ill be sharing some dank pics here hopefully be growin with some mars lights in the very near future!!!!!
  4. Jjgrow420

    vac seal in jar

    been wondering about vac sealing in a jar for long term storage im thinking of using my vac purge and place a jar inside with cap screwed on but loose so the lid inside has some play up and down then vac it. it should pull the lid up and suck the air out of the jar then when releasing the...
  5. Jjgrow420

    24carat vs qb 150w

    well i want to see what all the hype is about so i picked up a couple diff styles of q boards to test how well they will do growing an auto. qboard sounded better to me in the mom tent than the old leds i had in there. it was just for keeping moms alive for cuts and trade with friends so it...
  6. Jjgrow420

    #viparspectra contest

    im accordance to the rules on the @ViparSpectra Grower contest ill be posting some developing bud shots on this thread. more detailed journal under jjsripperrun
  7. Jjgrow420

    director of awsomeness

    just wondering if i could.have that title instead of 'well known member'
  8. Jjgrow420

    whats the best joint of the day for you?

    for me. its right now. after a long days work relaxin in the tub got some epsom salts curing my calmag deficiencies lol nice fat gar hangin outta my mouth replying to some riu posts ahhh fn relaxing. nothin better
  9. Jjgrow420

    mephisto mondays

    jeez finally was able to score alien vs triangle grape walker kush 24 carat been trying here in Canada last 2 drops finally got some. anyone else?
  10. Jjgrow420

    any pro mix users out there?

    howdy there. just wondering what you promix guys and maybe gals ph at generally i run between 6.3-6.5 but just watching some vids on their website they are suggesting 5.5-6.0 now. ive grown for quite some time and never stray from 6.3 at the lowest. anyone going lower?
  11. Jjgrow420

    jjs ripper run

    howdy there just posting this grow for shits and giggs i guess seein what everyone thinks and showcasing my grow show so. info.. seeds ... ripper seeds direct order from spain lemon ice 2.0 tropicana cookies x animal cookies stomp purps (not ripper clone from a friend) washing machine zombie...
  12. Jjgrow420

    Microbial mass

    Anyone use it before? Any reviews? Im using it and im lovin it.
  13. Jjgrow420

    Carbon filter low flow

    Always run a can 66. Decided to buy a can lite on sale and changed it out this grow. Since day 1 seems like waaaay less air coming out the exhaust also tent isnt sucking in anymore its actually blown up from the intakes indicating pos pressure. Which never happened before with the can 66. The...
  14. Jjgrow420

    Whats the funniest thing someones said to you about growing?

    Hey guys just a light hearted thread here thinking about some of the funny things people have said to me while discussing growing. Share a funny story lets all have a good laugh and make the day a bit better lol
  15. Jjgrow420

    Ro water and pro mix.

    Hi there. Been in the game a while now but starting to really dial in my space for optimal yeilds and potency. Just bought a hydrologic stealth 150 ro unit and will be starting to use ro water. I have a mini grow store in my house. Multiple full lines of nutes many many additives in liquid and...