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  1. GrowRock

    Uh-oh I have tested positive for The Rona.

    Best of luck and show the corona who’s boss :weed:
  2. GrowRock

    What are you smoking today?

    skunk cakeSmells amazing cracking the jar stinks the house up
  3. GrowRock

    White Widow

    What breeder are those white widows form? They look amazing remind me of the first ones I ran as freebies. How was the high just like a kick to the head lol
  4. GrowRock

    Magic mushroom synthetics- Compass Pathways files IPO in USA

    I actually use shrooms for depression and they work way better than any prescription any doc has ever given me ;)
  5. GrowRock

    Strong indica strains for insomnia

    No I haven’t but I would love too fucken Covid has me financially strapped at the moment
  6. GrowRock


    I have been growing for the last 10 years and I’m still a rookie too lol
  7. GrowRock


    The c99 x kush was the best returns for me and I have tried everything on the menu lol
  8. GrowRock


    The hardest thing about this pandemic is figuring out who/ which country’s are being honest. And an actual time line on when life might start to get back to normal(which I don’t think life will ever be the same again as pre Covid) also would be nice to know where and what this virus originated...
  9. GrowRock

    A record 6.6 million people file for unemployment benefits

    Absolute shit show and small businesses might not exist after the shit show.
  10. GrowRock


    I have a kush northern lights that is an amazing colour of purple and has a crazy lemon cleaner smell can’t wait to test a bud out :D
  11. GrowRock


    My kush northern is sugaring right up she smells of lemon with a hint of earthy kush
  12. GrowRock

    500 down more to go

    Nope just didn’t know how to grow or how to market the product not to mention price point
  13. GrowRock

    World's Strongest Strains Anyone grown their gear?

    I was just wondering if anyone has grown the macburger I grabbed 3 packs on his buy 2 get one free hoping to find a good daytime smoke with a great Mac taste
  14. GrowRock


    From my understanding and growing a pack of them out they are all angry. The more twisted looking the plant the more potent the smoke
  15. GrowRock


    Ya it has a really beautiful smell and taste found that keeper in a 10 seeds should of never let that out of the stable
  16. GrowRock


    His blueberry is an one angry bitch lol
  17. GrowRock


    I just cracked some c99xkush and kushxnorthern. I’m hoping to find another pheno of c99xkush that has a great grape soda smell and flavour
  18. GrowRock

    Grow your own thread 2020

    How does that orange sherbet smell looks tricholisous lol if that’s a word