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  1. Thraxz13

    Alex Jones and

    I did a recent interview on Alex Jones Please check it out... As well as a couple other interviews..
  2. Thraxz13

    10 1000 wt Hps

    Here are some pics of our new grow.. More to come..
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    10 1000 wt Hps

    This is our 10 1000 wt Hps grow... All indoor soil.. All organic.. Bubba Kush, O.G. kush, Skywalker O.G., Blueberry wonder, Bubba Punch Sky punch... More to come..
  4. Thraxz13

    This is our Medical Garden, I have worked hard over the last two years to afford,find, and build this room!! We have a 10-1000 wt HPS 12' x 30' rm 1 a/c 12000 btu 1 a/c 18000 btu,all vented hoods..There is a 12" fan on a 6' Carbon filter that was vented out of the room but is now blowing threw...
  5. Thraxz13

    All Organic Indoor!

    Here are some Pics of my set up! I do all organic, I use Advanced Nutrients Dr. Hornbies Grow and Bloom.. I also use some seaweed extract and Humic Acid. As well as molasses during the last few weeks.. I have a 1000 and 400wt Hps with three floor fans and two Squirrel fans.. The room is...
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    I won some tickets to see Santana on Friday from a local radio Station here in L.A., I love Santana, But have never seen him live..has anyone seen him live? What can I expect!! Hope its a good show, Im sure it will be..Thanks!
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    O.C. Delivery !!

    We are a new Delivery service, and patient collective!! Check us out on the Web!!! We are here to answer any ? and help in any way possible! Give us a call for our very low and reasonable donations!! Free delivery!! Easy to Verify and courteous, Knowledgeable staff..We strive to make this...
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    THe Final Weeks!! Guidance might be needed!!

    I will keep a journal for the final weeks of flowering threw harvest any recommendations are welcome!!
  9. Thraxz13

    Hey Im Thraxz, Just a guy with the love for the the tree of Life "all the green plants" one in particular, Cannabis hemp!! I have a small collective Im forming in So.Cal and i do a small crop for myself and a few patients!! I read the Emperor Wears No Clothes about 12 years ago and have had a...
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    My Girls

    I just put 15 GDP and Three Aura Indicas In a Cup of water and then in the Napkin three days ago, They have almost all opened and are now in rapid rooters!! I put them in the rooters yesterday morning and today they have almost all came up!! I did fifteen of the GDP recently and got 7 females...
  11. Thraxz13

    There are some private patient groups in O.C. that have formed and are working on getting low cost and in some cases free Meds to those who need it!! If you want any info email me at!! I can give you some info!!