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  1. Bukvičák

    Root rot? Do not wanna watch her dying live...

    I Know its lil bit off... But I have bought a plant to our new house 4 months ago, she was doing well untill I forgot to empty the saucer after watering. She was soaking in for two days and now she looks like this (massive continuos leaf loss). Watered the same way like weed in soil, no nuts at...
  2. Bukvičák

    Whats wrong with my ballast?

    Hey G’s, I have a problem with my 600W Electronic ballast, when timer turns him on, it goes for five minutes, than it shuts down. When I unplug it and plug it back in the socket it starts to work normaly. Timer checked and works good. Ballast is brand new as well as bulb. Did I messed the...
  3. Bukvičák

    Changing light schedule...?

    Hi growers, I would like to change my light schedule from lights on during the day to lights on during the night (because of the temperature). What is the best way to do it? I was looking for this and found only 6 years old threads, so maybe now there will be more enlighted growers who can...
  4. Bukvičák

    Soli slurry test is for sh*it...?

    Can somebody tell me how accurate is soil slurry pH test, when you adding a destilled water which is not neutral (pH 7,0) but its going more and more acidic by the time its exposed to the air??? Is there some recounting form for different waters pH???
  5. Bukvičák

    Kindly asking for help!!!

    I have a problem with leaves on one of three flowers growing in soil. Flowers are at 10th week of flowering phase (67th day) and every flower is probably different pheno and will be harvested in different times. I have found out that my root pH is too low (5,5) ten days ago, so I have...
  6. Bukvičák

    Please help!!!

    Does anyone know how is the very best temperature in the root zone? I am not asking the range, but what is really the best temp for the highest yields? Look at the picture and give me some advice what you think about that please. Thanks to all