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  1. TheCauf


    i came across a thread from 2010 about flushing organics indoors if you aren’t using slow release fertilizers. Does anyone have an opinion on this years later? My thinking was slow release would be better because the gals will never be hungry, but if I’m using fertilizers that I can flush out...
  2. TheCauf

    Light upgrade

    So moving forward I want to switch from CFL to LED. I was wondering if a vivosun 1200w would be too much in a 3x3. I compared it to a Viparspectre 900w and the 900w actually puts out more light than the 1200w. Would that be too much or RIGHT on the line of just right/too much? Ideally I’d love...
  3. TheCauf

    How to dry fresh frozen bubble

    Im looking for a way to dry fresh frozen hash without a freeze drier that will preserve the terpenes. Would a few days in a pizza box on top of parchment be ok that’s how I’ve always dried bubble from cured buds
  4. TheCauf

    Drying FF hash?

    As the title suggest, I’m curious how you can dry FF bubble hash without a freeze drier but still keep the terps from evaporating.
  5. TheCauf

    How many plants?

    My tents roughly 30x30 and I’m wondering how many autos I can fit in there. 9 9x9 square pots or 4 12x12? I’ve only ever grown 1 at a time in a 5 gallon, lst’d. Only trying autos because I’d like to get them in and out as fast as possible lol, thanks
  6. TheCauf

    How many plants?

    Never grew autos before and long story short I’m thinking about growing some lol. My tent is 30x30x60 (estimating the height based on my own height) so my question is if I use square pots what’s a better set up. 9 9x9 pots, or 4 12x12? The 9’s are 10” high and 12’s are 12” high. With them...
  7. TheCauf

    Need some help designing a dresser grow

    moving into a new apartment soon and I won’t be able to use my grow tent anymore. I found a design I really enjoy but need help modifying it slightly. Instead of cfls I’m using leds, and there wont be a divider wall. I’m...
  8. TheCauf

    Stealth box design

    Ive grown a few times in a growtent but with the apartment I’ll be moving into I’m gonna have to be a little more discrete. I’ve decided to go 2x2 for the L and W but how high would you experienced box growers recommend? Also any designs ideas so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb would be...
  9. TheCauf

    2 step curing?

    Just watched the Mendo Dope video of how they cure and was wondering if anyone does something similar to this? If you don't know, they'll hang dry, cure in big totes, trim then jar cure. I've brown bagged semi dry bud before jar cure and that seemed to be half decent so pretty interested if...
  10. TheCauf

    Good Mold Resistant Strains?

    Trying some outdoor this year and Pennsylvania is finally starting to feel like spring so gonna start some seeds but never grew outdoor. Our summers are typically 80-95 degrees and high humidity, figured a greenhouse would be better since we get a good amount of rain too, anyone got some good...
  11. TheCauf

    Dry Sift Rosin

    Let me know if this would be a good idea, take a gram of 73 or 90 micron kief, make a puck with a pollen press, flatten it out in parchment paper and just go right to the flat iron. Tiny bits of plant matter don't bother me so in my mind there's no reason to waste money on the bags. So far 250...
  12. TheCauf

    My predicament

    So I lost my job about 3 almost 4 months ago for failing a piss test. When I stop smoking to get a new one I start going through withdrawals, just craving the taste, the cough, everything. About two years ago I quit meth cold turkey, was aye ok with it and I was fine. My life is on the line this...
  13. TheCauf

    Show off your glass!

    Not a big collection (yet) but here's what I've got. From left to right we got Bruce Lee, Jerry, Bloo, Shirley, and Peace Pipe (Wizard pipe depending on if it's Halloween or not) Let's see what ya got!
  14. TheCauf

    Purple strain question

    i was thinking about growing purple paralysis in the near future and was wondering if the buds don't show purple if lowering the temps would do it? The seeds I found claim to grow purple but in case it doesn't ya know?
  15. TheCauf

    Organic Noob

    I'm just trying to learn about organic growing and it seems so confusing compared to just using Jacks. I understand SS a little and how to make certain teas. Would a soil made from roots organic, earthworm castings, fish bone meal, dolomite, azomite, blood meal, FF guano, Epsom salt and perlite...
  16. TheCauf

    Barney'S Farm Sweet Tooth

    just ordered a seed from the single seed centre and I was wondering if anyone has grown it? Does she respond well to LST?
  17. TheCauf

    Sleeping on Psychs?

    Who else knowingly slept on psychs? The last time shrooms were around (about 2-3 years ago) a buddy and I ate 1/4. The trip was too intense for me because I really wasn't used to tripping, more so I just felt like I could handle it. I ended up walking across my small ass town to my house and...
  18. TheCauf

    Any Leeway with Curing?

    Last grown I just made concentrates so I didn't bother drying and curing. I work so can I get away with maybe 24hrs lids on 3-4 off instead of 12hrs on or would that run the risk of mold too high? I have boveda packs for stash jars I'm sure I could use two in a quart jar, any thoughts?
  19. TheCauf

    Quick Grow

    Day 1 Veg: 250w CFL 2700K, coco coir and perlite for the substrate, leca on top to not destroy the soil when watering (I got some mad shaky hands) and it helps the soil stay moist a little longer. I'll be using Jack'S Citrus feed, bloom booster, a little AN additives I have left over. My main...
  20. TheCauf

    Jack hydro or GH?

    i use Jack'S citrus feed and bloom bootsterbin my coco grows but I want to try hydro because I feel it'll be easier to maintain when doing a scrog. I'm good at reading my girls and feeding them what they want, but with running a RDWC it looks easier just to follow a schedule. Any opinions on...