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  1. JimmyJackCorn

    Is this what you guys mean?

    First plant. Flipped to 12/12 on Feb. 1. So I waited until I thought it might be done, then I waited two more weeks. Can I be done?
  2. JimmyJackCorn

    Zombie plant - Almost through week 12

    Bagseed, been through hell. I'm thinking another week before harvest window opens. What do you think? I mean, other than she looks like a salmon that just got done spawning.
  3. JimmyJackCorn

    Couple few more weeks?

    Hi all, first real harvest coming up. She stretched and grew the first five weeks after flip (2/1/21). Now I'm just rounding the corner to start week nine. She finally started to spread up and down the stems, get fat, and the frost is starting to grow its own frost (not really, but she's thick...
  4. JimmyJackCorn

    Enter the Mind of JimmyJack

    I'm not sure how far I'll make it with this journal, but I talk to myself so much I figured I'd put it all down here--about growing, I mean. I'll try to filter all the other stuff out. No one needs to see that. I was gifted a handful of what I was told were sativa seeds a couple years ago. I...
  5. JimmyJackCorn

    Yellowing Leaves Prematurely?

    Hi all, I hope you can give me a little help. Got a bagseed that's about five weeks after switching to 12/12. I grew it in compost which was amended with Epsom and a little DE. I switched from a 600W MH to a 600W HPS when I switched the lighting schedule, and they have always been about 24"...
  6. JimmyJackCorn

    Innocent of Sex

    I'm new and have no in-person sounding board. I hesitate to throw away a big plant based on my own limited knowledge. Is this male? Sorry for the HPS, figured you'd know based on this pic.