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  1. Cboat38

    Dipping harvest in water??

    I tried it once with 2 bucket and rinse, first bucket water peroxide mix second warmish water third cold water risnse with nozzle. Completely destroyed my terps they were all clones so I know what they were supposed to be like, JS
  2. Cboat38

    Too early to tell?

    Right, this is the easy part of growing
  3. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    Yep grower error,we all go through it
  4. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    I had a plant looked good but had a faint smell to it and not much terp production because it was stressed to hell!! To much light not enough humidity was my problem.
  5. Cboat38

    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Here’s some snaks from mosca after sitting in jars almost 3 weeks. The breeders description is spot on smells sweet danky gas and taste like…hell the shit taste like sunset sherbet but gassier. What’s even better is her sister that’s hanging now looks and smells the same:fire::fire:
  6. Cboat38

    Leaves drooping

  7. Cboat38

    What's going on day 15 veg

    Well that big fan on the floor is two close even on low you need to get that back far as possible
  8. Cboat38

    Are we there?

    Sure will
  9. Cboat38

    Are we there?

    2 weeks
  10. Cboat38

    64 Days in flower

    Let the yellow leaves stay until they dry and if you give them a light pull and they don’t come of leave it
  11. Cboat38

    64 Days in flower

    Minimum 3 weeks
  12. Cboat38

    Wondering what deficiencies I’m starting to get.

    You got any light leaks? Looks to be reveging
  13. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    Yeah I start my count down when I see the first pistils, gives me more patience
  14. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    And pheno 2 is straight sweet berry with cd on the back
  15. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    8 1/2 weeks today dds pheno #1, I’ve grown gelato x cd and the cd has a special odor too it. This one has it bu with a heavy and I mean heavy berry almost strawberry smell.
  16. Cboat38

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    is this three weeks of flower?
  17. Cboat38

    Useful Seeds

    Just cracked open a month cure jar...omg shit smokes :fire::fire::fire:
  18. Cboat38

    Bad Dog Genetics

    Your guys website suck, I forgot my password and shit so my pure Michigan got put back because of it:wall: