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    clean intake air

    My grow room is outside, in the backyard, on a covered patio. The room is 4x8x8. On the roof is a 740cfm 8" vortex fan. The intake is a 10" duct that goes out the back of the room and under the house. The duct goes about 20' under the house, on the end of the duct is a 12x 18x24 box with a 12x20...
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    Should I start to flower?

    Back in March I started a couple of plants out in the backyard. One of those plants is starting to show pistils. The plant is in a 8" pot and is only about 12" tall. It has 4 main stalks growing, (I topped it about 2 1/2 weeks ago). So should I just leave it outside and let it grow or move it...
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    Building a greenhouse

    Im going to be building a greenhouse this weekend. Im going to still be growing my plants in pots, not in the ground. My question is should I leave the floor of the greenhouse the dirt ground or cover the ground with something? Im going to build a set-up like this one only smaller ( 8x5 )...
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    What kind of bug?

    What kind of bug laid this? I moved my plant outside last week to finish up in the sun. I think thats were this came from. My room seems to be bug free, and none of the others have any bugs. I know the shots are not the best but thats the best I can do. They are round and when you squash them...
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    How many kelvins?

    Do you think that a 250 MH with 10000k would be too much ? Im not talking about the watts, Im asking about the kelvins . This is for veging.
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    Regrowing a plant

    I have a plant I'd like to reveg and try to grow again. I know cloning is the perferred method for growing the same meds over and over again. I did take clones before the plant went into flower, but this plant does not like cloneing, or I dont know what Im doing. Anyways I live in a med state so...
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    hermi question ?

    I know that when you plant seeds that are "feminized" there is a chance that the plant will hermi. But what I would like to know is , if it doesnt hermi, does that mean that any clones taken from that plant wont hermi either? And if it does hermi, are thoes clones prone to hermi also?
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    Whats growing out of this bud?

    What is growing out of this bud? The plant has been in flower for 7 weeks.
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    DIY Cooltube

    If you are going to make a cooltube out of a pyrex bread baking tube, be advised. --- The bread tubes are only 3.5 inside dia. ,that means you need a t15 size bulb. I think that for hps bulbs that is not much of a deal, but for my 250 m/h , Im having a hard time finding a t15 bulb with 5k color...
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    No Roots ?

    My plants are 4 weeks old and i dont have any roots coming out of the bottem of the net cups. they are about 7" to 8" tall and seem to be growing fine. I am using 3" net cups. Should'nt there be more roots?
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    water quality

    Ok, so how pure does your water have to be? Do you really need RO? Will just sediment and carbon filters be good enough? I see alot of people just use ice maker filters, or one guy wrote about using the filter from a Mr. Clean car wash washer. SO how clean should your water be/
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    Hydroponic survy

    What is your favorite hydro system? Which is the most productive? Which system uses space the best? So what do YOU use? Flood and drain, bubbleponics, aeroponics, drip system ,ebb and flow, or a hybrid of any of these. Your input is helpful, and Thank you.
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    clone sex

    If you take a cutting from a plant before it flowers, how do you know what sex that clone will be? Can you take a clone from a flowering plant? If you take your clones from the clone box to flower room does that give you all females?
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    how much nutes?

    How big of a resivoir do you think I need for 4 plants using a drip system? How many gallons? Do you think a 5 gal. bucket would hold enough nutes to feed 4 plants?
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    My question concerns co2. I'm toying with the idea of making a co2 generator, using fermentation. My question is about pressure. Say you take a 2 gallon vessel, with a pressure gauge, fill it with the right ratio of sugar, water, and yeast, completely seal the vessel , how much pressure will...
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    How old to clone?

    How old should a plant be before you can start taking cuttings for clones? Or maybe I sould ask whats the youngest you could take a cutting? Are there a certin amount of leaf sets you should have first?
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    LUMENS, They don't add up?

    I'm confused, I've seen a number of posts stating that lumens don't add up. That does not make sense too me. Watts add up don't they? People switch to higher wattage lights to get more lumens. More watts more lumens, right. If you have a light shining on something, then when you add a second...
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    240v or 120v?

    Are 240v lights cheaper to run than 120v lights?
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    cheating the power co.

    Has anybody used jumper cables hooked to a battery wraped around the meter to slow it down? does this work?
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    PH stability

    I can't keep my PH stable. It seems to be changing about every 36 hrs. I have one of those liquid test kits. Ill check the water, it'l be green ,about 7.0. Ill add some PH down, check it about 20 mins later, yellow about 6.0. The next morning it'l be ok, but when I check it in the middle of the...