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  1. Billytheluther

    I want to start a new business... with fish tanks..

    So i was looking uo on making my own fish tank aquariums.. maybee even a company... id like to fabricate some aquariums and sell cheaper than name brand pet stores... any thoughts???
  2. Billytheluther

    Whats up with all those members that have been here years yet only have 1 post...

    Title says it all... Any thoughts...
  3. Billytheluther

    First bubble hash attempt.. here goes nothing

    so this is my first attempt at it using dried and cured popcorn of c99.. The buds aren’t very resinous so well see.. They do smell amazing, not very pungent but like a grape fruit sliced in half I did a bit of reading but couldn’t come out with an answer as to wether leave the buds as they are...
  4. Billytheluther

    I had to chop early

    So i had to cut down an la confidential and a white og early. heres what the results are Thats the la confidential it was a runt from the start but i kept it anyways to fill out my space. It was 2.5 feet shorter than everything else so not much light got to it
  5. Billytheluther

    Unemployment f****d me over

    So i was on unemployment since before the pandemic, i still had wages with the state i filed with so i exausted them in april last year.. i had wages in a number of other states at the time so the same state gave me a 3 month extension and withdrew the earnings from those other states. After i...
  6. Billytheluther

    If i put this outdoors will it re-veg?

    So i finished cutting her down today, she has some nice colors and was a good yielder, i was wondering if i place this outside will it vegg out a gain pr did i not leave enough growth.
  7. Billytheluther

    Is this the begging of budrott... should i chop???

    I believe this is some og18 from Reserva Privada. Its 61 days into flower and the lower branches look like they could go another week. But the tops are starting to worry me a bit here are some pics of the tops along with some shots of the trichomes i took. Sorry if they’re not clear, i got one...
  8. Billytheluther

    vivosun 6in carbon filter not effective?!?!

    So i have a leak, i went ahead and got a new filter and changed my setup.. i was sucking air out. Exhaust <Fan <cool hood <filter . I saw a recomendation and changed to Exhaust <cool hood<fan<filter The new set up was supposed to stop un scrubbed odor leaks. It worked for a couple of hours but...
  9. Billytheluther

    New general hydroponics feed chart

    So general hydroponics has a new feed chart. Im not familiar with the new chart. I’ve been using the old feed chart for the flora series, drain to waste. the new feed chart doesn’t specify whether its drain to waste or re circulating. I follow the old chart at 1/2 strength then slowly work my...
  10. Billytheluther

    Ph pen went out !!!

    So I went to the hydro store to get a replacement but they didn’t have any either, i placed an order on amazon and I hope it’ll get here by Friday. I went to wallyworld and got som ph stips for the fishy’s they only go as low as 6.2 I hope all goes well as I think I mixed up a batch of nutes for...
  11. Billytheluther

    C99 in flower, help with ppms in hempys

    So I have 4 plants in flower right now.. 4 c99 from joeyweed, they are clones from a mom I had in organic super soil. I placed the clones in hempy buckets and have given them ro water and flora trio from general hydroponics. They seem to be doing well, very well, but I’d like to know if I can...
  12. Billytheluther

    C99 early flower please help!!

    I have an early def, please help, I know I should turn the hps off but I don’t have acces to my room atm. I suspect nitrogen def or something to do with cal mag. These are hempy buckets have been following General Hydroponics nutrient schedule on the trio to the dot plus adding armor si which is...
  13. Billytheluther

    Joey weed c99

    About to start flowering guys heres a pic of her on the left the right is a male that i isolated today and am taking pollen from. They can stand 100+ heat and am about to clone the mother.. they are in super soil but i would like to go soiless hydro with the clones a verm and perlite mix.. the...
  14. Billytheluther

    C99 ready for cloning.. need advise with future feeding

    So im about to clone my c99 mother. I went to the hydroshop and i got a gal of ph up and one of down, along with a cloning chamber, pellets, and rooting gell.. I also asked the guy at the shop for a recomendation as to my first feeding. I asked if it was soil or hydro and i said id be using a...
  15. Billytheluther

    Possible deficiency?? 5 galsuper soil c99

    Hey guys these are my wives 2 plants, there in 5 gal dirt pots about a 1/3 of ss maybe a tad bit more wich worries me, cooked the soil ina garage but dont know if it usable. The problems started with the bottom firs set on one but now both are showing same signs Looks something like this..(...