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  1. Cboat38

    What now

    These are two of the same flower, is this normal for it to flower so small? I topped one I’m sure y’all can tell but should finish the untopped? Oh they are four weeks from sprout or should I feed her flower nutes
  2. Cboat38

    First auto grow help

    I have 2 mosca frosted skywalker one is showing sex at only 3 weeks tomorrow should scrap this one or will it still grow.
  3. Cboat38

    In Michigan

    When is a good time to start autos in sw Michigan
  4. Cboat38

    Still bendy?

    Today is day 15 of hanging my whole plant and still no snap, I mean I can tell it’s drying but way slower than the rest. I have kept the humidity between 58 and 63 and temperatures no higher than 68 and no lower than 63ish my question is should trim it and hang it back up or paper bag them?
  5. Cboat38

    Katsu Seeds

    I’m soaking 2 Bubbas breath and two Dracary today anyone run Katsu before?
  6. Cboat38

    Ever try?

    I wanted to get rid of.. well a second defense against the white flies that me and my lady bugs have been beating in battle, anyone ever try this or something similar?
  7. Cboat38

    Blue star seed company

    Anyone ever hear of this guy? He only has one strain which both my favorites gmo x dj short blueberry he’s on Neptune Seed Bank
  8. Cboat38


    Nitrogen or magnesium def? I think it’s the roots organic because it’s never happened in happy frog, my shop was out of happy frog so I had to get roots.It was in cocoa loco before trans plant my lights are led and was thinking letting them dry out and give a full feed? Please serious inquires...
  9. Cboat38

    Let her go?

    This seedling kinda look like it’s in pain,should I put her out her misery?
  10. Cboat38


    Not sure what I’m looking at,the pods are empty and it was root bound in a10 gal so I transplanted in the ground 2 weeks ago
  11. Cboat38

    20/20 Mendocino

    Great Lakes had some good deals I couldn’t pass, anybody ever grow out their gear?
  12. Cboat38

    Two weeks of flower?

    Sort of lost track of time so I don’t know how many weeks they are I’ll say 3 months in veg or supposed to be. The seeds are from a cookie cross that throws a couple seeds or more but I’ve grown for the last three grows not sure what to do with it never seen any plant flower without out 12/12
  13. Cboat38


    It’s my millionth time attempting to clone,this is first time I saw this is it working?
  14. Cboat38


    Say if I put my plants into flower say.. Sunday then wait a week then transplant them outside into ten gallons how would that effect the growth. I mean would it be a bad idea
  15. Cboat38

    Red head

    There’s so many red hairs I can’t till the color some tricomes are. A little bit over eleven weeks blueberry headband, should I chop?, I mean I can feel the buds underneath the red hair. She’s got me stomped.
  16. Cboat38


    Is this reveging 10 weeks today
  17. Cboat38

    First sighting

    This is my first time saying this any thoughts?
  18. Cboat38


    Couldn’t be, I watered her like 3 days ago after transplant just around the brim though. I use happy frog and just ro water it’s only one giving me trouble after transplant the others are praying ohh they’re under 200 watt cobs....
  19. Cboat38


    Is this pot?
  20. Cboat38


    Not sure if this nitrogen def or mag any help would be appreciated 3 1/2 weeks flower