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    Cal mag ?

    Just noticed this one leaf has yellow spots with rust color in middle name that deficiency please
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    Fce3000 light stress

    Fce3000 75%power rh 54-61 temp 67-75 f moved the light up another five inches I feel as if I have some light stress going on seeing how lowest canopy has no droopy leafs someone please clarify
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    Leaf diagnosis of sick plant

    Patient number 421: the little girl in a little container .. I have used happy frog all purpose on just this plant using a medium I have used for many plants indoor and out ..she showed some yellow tips so I figured it was nute burn I flushed it with some plain water a couple days ago should I...
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    Ac infinity exhaust fan

    So I’m battling heat and came across this exhaust fan was just wondering your inputs or recommendations on exhaust fans that control temp and humidity trying to keep the price reasonable thanks in advance
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    Storing fox farm in refrigerator

    Here’s a question I mixed some fox farm diluted with water of course ..up in a gallon jug ..plant only took half ..another will need water in a day or two is it possible to store it in the fridge ? Any input
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    Do we have a good bingo

    So is this a reasonable reading for lights I’m not sure what number I’m shooting for I know this is a shitty meter but I know there’s gotta be a number to shoot for lights about 24 inches above when I move them down to about 18 it’s buried in the two grand mark
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    Does she need it or not

    Well it’s weeks three on the autos I’m currently running and they r showing white pistols already ! I have gave the ladies nothing to eat in the past three weeks they don’t look starved or anything I have fox farm trio nutrients from last grow when and what should I feed her if anything ? Medium...
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    How should I do it

    So deep down inside I really wanna run a scrog this grow with these autos but I’m not sure how to set the plants up for it I already started lst and topped another any advice would be great the three in the big pots r staying
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    So I’ve grown with a ts600 in a 3x3 with pretty good results I would love to be able to test out the new fce3000..I have some new ladies that would absolutely love to have that light hanging over their head ! Ps if I win I will continue this thread lol
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    Throw them opinions out there

    Well my high as one of these night flipped both my veg and bloom switch so I could get a reading to estimate if seedling could handle the switch .. I flipped the one off and carried of turning off the gfi every night and flipping it on in the morning ...well today we had a litttle inspection...
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    Co2 bags

    Any body have input on co2 bags recently just heard about them wondering what y’all think
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    Have about three ounces of trim anybody have a good recipe for chocolates or gummies starting with decarbing said trim
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    Lights vs seedlings

    Prolly talking in the wind but anywaysssss I started a new batch of seeds....last grow I used only 120w actual draw knockoff light for vegging and brought in a Marshydro 600 for flowering along with the knock off ...should I start with both lights on or just do what I did before ended up with...
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    Ventilation and air quality

    So just sprouted a new round of ladies..last grow I ran a inline outline fan the whole grow from day one my question is this necessary for seedlings if I leave the tent door open and a fan russling up the air in the tent ? I also tried for a few hours with the whole ten zipped up light on...
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    Soil recipes

    Anyone out there have some soil mix recipes that you don’t have to let “cook” ?! I have the soil some perlite and earth worm castings anything else I should add I usually just use synthetic nutes with plain Jane soil trying to set up a grow for autos any advice is appreitated !
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    Betty Crocker

    Anyone out there have some soil mix recipes ?! I have the soil some perlite and earth worm castings anything else I should add usually just use synthetic nutes with plain Jane soil trying to set up a grow for autos any advice is appreitated !
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    Looking for a good soil mixture outdoors

    Difference between perlite and water storing crystals can both be combined into neutral soil...looking for a recipe just to set and forget it come pick it up when time to chop
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    Johnny apple seed

    Good evening folks this year I’m going to be playing the part of Johnny apple seed gonna be starting them soon indoors to give them a jump was just wondering how you guys go about soil mix and additives to make sure soil doesn’t dry out .....lost a lot of clones last year also do you guys have...
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    My situation

    So I decided to do some trimming today didn’t have any gloves no biggie carried on with my business got to drinking my second cup of coffe and my gut dropped all the sudden I had to use the toilet ......
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    Who nose

    Has anyone ever experience top buds drying out losing smell and trichomes falling off like sugar granules ?