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    clean intake air

    Outside temps , in the summer, range from mid 80's to over 100. I live in L.A. ,in the SFV. How about a ozone, or neg. ion generator in the intake duct, to clean the air? Their is no other place to get cool air for my room. On a 100 degree day the air from under the house keeps my room about 78...
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    clean intake air

    Thanks for the input. I hope there is an easier way. Crawling under the house and spreading sulfer dust would be a BIG job. How much would I use? do I cover the whole underneath? Thats about 1300sq.ft. Also Im 60 yrs old, thats alot of crawling. I used to do that kinda stuff when I was working...
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    clean intake air

    My grow room is outside, in the backyard, on a covered patio. The room is 4x8x8. On the roof is a 740cfm 8" vortex fan. The intake is a 10" duct that goes out the back of the room and under the house. The duct goes about 20' under the house, on the end of the duct is a 12x 18x24 box with a 12x20...
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    Powdery Mildew, Please Help!!!!????

    Can/does PM live in the ventilation duct work, or on the walls of the grow room? Or does it need to have plant life to survive?
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    World Of Seeds Afghan Kush

    My 2 cents-- I have grown WOS pakistani kush, wild thai, and mazur X white rhino. I have started 3 different crops with the pk and wt, and 1 crop of the rhino. I did not get any hermies from the mother plants, but some of the clones of the pk have grown bananas (male flowers). I just pluck them...
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    Getting PH stable ?

    Get a bigger reservoir. Keep things as simple as u can. h2o2 helps with "crud" in the nutes. Make sure ur nutes are NOT organic.
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    ground or pot?

    I asked this same question last June. I had some plants growing in a greenhouse in 3gal pots. After I moved them into the ground they doubled in size. Put them in the ground. Leave at least 4' between each plant. I used some soil I got at Home DePot. Outdoor plants get BIG. The first was in...
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    We're all fuct now

    AL, I've been trying your 2 week system for about 18 months. I down sized it for 6 plants every 2 weeks. I dont get a harvest every 2 weeks YET, but what I do get is enough, so I no longer have to go to a corner clinic. See I dont take cuts every 2 weeks and my plants dont seem to grow as fast...
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    We're all fuct now

    This is what I got at the local Hydro shop They used to carry Grotek, but this is what they got now. I just bumped up to 2/ml per liter. Seems to work just as well as the 35%.
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    Ventillation help please?

    Hope this helps. Here’s how you can calculate the amount of ventilation you need. If for instance you wanted to keep you grow room temperature from getting any more than 5° warmer than the intake air temperature, and you were using 400 watts of power, you’d make the calculation below...
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    250 watt hps heat?

    I am not sure if this helps. Here’s how you can calculate the amount of ventilation you need. If for instance you wanted to keep you grow room temperature from getting any more than 5° warmer than the intake air temperature, and you were using 400 watts of power, you’d make the...
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    Beanbank Ca-Medical seeds

    Please define ORIGINAL. I grew some Kushage. Got a great yeild, everyone that tries it stumbles away, and yes when I spoke to the people at CBB, I asked about genitics. They were honest and told me "The seeds have to come from somewhere". But hey, if you dont like thier stuff dont buy them. Also...
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    SlimE! please help!

    You want to use 35% h2o2 1.7ml/L , if you use 3% you need 17ml/L, thats milliliter per liter
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    World of Seeds Pakistan Valley Kush

    I knew you would like the PVK. I got some seedlings about ready for planting in a day or so. I got one out side in the ground, but its awful hot now days and Im not sure if it can take the heat. I should have some PVK of my own about Holloween.
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    World of Seeds Pakistan Valley Kush

    Mine took 9 weeks for the trics to turn amber. I put mine in the back yard under the sun for the last week. I dont know if that made any difference. They were under a 400 hps for the first 8 weeks of flower.
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    The ATTITUDE!!!!

    I have placed 3 different orders and got all . Everything came in 7 to 10 days all 3 times. Never a prob. to west coast, (where its legal)
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    Do NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide

    Why are people so against using this stuff? You spend 100's of dollars for stuff to add to your nutes, this stuff (h2o2) is all you need. I mean great roots and a clean nute tank, what more could you ask for. Plus, when you have growers with years of experience, suggesting you should use it...
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    Miracle Grow

    I use MG potting mix with added perilite, and some bat guano. I water with MG green liquid , once a week. During the week if the soil is looking dry, Ill spray the plant and the top soil with water and h2o2. My plants grow fine, Ive compared the nutes on the back lable with some of the stuff I...
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    Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

    Also let the plant tell you how much nutes it needs. Not all strains take the same ppm's. Start weak and keeping raising slowly untill you see some burn starting. Use you ppm meter to keep track of how much your mixing to get a certain level. Of course this is just my opinon, and Im sure others...
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    Reliable ppm chart for marijuana??

    Both Canna, and General Hydroponics have nute calculaters on their sites. They dont say that they are for MJ. but Im sure they know what most people are using their nutes for. Im sure other nute co's. have the same info on their sites...