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  1. Raspberrykiwi

    New white hairs everywhere

    Hey guys. Plant started flowering in April. My bad, I don’t remember exact time. I’m thinking mid April. Anyways… she’s fox tailing like crazy. Some hairs have receded back into the calyx and I’m just getting tons of new white hairs. Trichs are 75% cloudy and 25% clear. These pics are with light...
  2. Raspberrykiwi

    Tossed a seed in my neighbors flower bed

    Hey guys. Some time last year I tossed a seed into my neighbors flower bed. Well she moved out now, and we just got a ton of rain. Here is how she’s doing. The maintenance came to paint the walls and got some paint on her. Should I take her down? Or let it grow until someone else takes it down...
  3. Raspberrykiwi

    Gelato 41, second grow

    Hey guys, a lot of you saw my first grow on this gelato 41. Well I’m back with her clone. The clone was in a solo cup for the whole flowering cycle. I moved the cup into the grow tent a couple weeks ago and let it get used to a new environment. Started seeing a lot of deficiencies and slow...
  4. Raspberrykiwi

    Curing humidity range?

    What is the ideal humidity range for curing? I’m concerned because in my jars I’m getting 50% and that’s it. Shouldn’t it be higher? Did I possibly over dry my cannabis? Bovita pack time?
  5. Raspberrykiwi

    1 pound plant

    Hey guys. Last post here about my trimming lol. I just want to say, WE MADE IT TO A POUND! This one plant has so far yielded 17 ounces or 481g dry! I still have a bit more, probably will be sitting at 19-20 ounces dry when I trim up that other branch!
  6. Raspberrykiwi

    Questions about drying

    Hey guys, had my plant hung up for 10 days, today will be the 11th day. Stems are still bending when I bend them and not snapping. Is this a good sign my plant isn’t dried out? Buds feel crispy but stems aren’t snapping, also not noticing much of any smell on them either. Humidity is about 50-60...
  7. Raspberrykiwi

    Drying temps and humidity

    Hey guys. Cut my beloved Gelato 41 today and she’s hanging to dry. My tent is currently around 60-65F and humidity is around 50-60. I want to have a long dry time, prob around 14 days. Should I raise my humidity any? And is my temp maybe a bit too low?
  8. Raspberrykiwi

    Some quick advice please?

    So my gelato 41 is on day 81 of 12/12. The leaves on the buds are all changing color and now are curling and dying off. My trichomes don’t seem to be changing color much. Some buds seem like more cloudy heads than other buds. Should I just cut her now? I can’t post trichome pics because my...
  9. Raspberrykiwi

    Is ShE rEaDy?¿

    What do you guys think? 75% cloudy, no ambers, day 75 from flip. Maybe wait another week?
  10. Raspberrykiwi

    How’s your plants doing?

    Show me how your plants are doing! Any stage of life and newbies welcome! 4th grow, Gelato 41 bag seed. Lights off right now couple up close bud shots and one cola shot buds have a blue tone, leaves are giving off pinks and purples, she smells of sweet candy and citrus!
  11. Raspberrykiwi

    Clone topped itself?

    Hey guys. First time cloner here lol. This is my first ever successful clone. I topped it after noticing the solo cup was filling up and some round leaves starting to show. It’s been roughly 3-4 days since topping and now I see one of the new branches that popped up from the top has 2 shoots...
  12. Raspberrykiwi

    Plants in flower? Let’s see them!

    This is a thread to post your flowering weeds! New growers and experienced growers welcome! Let us know about your plant and how many grows you’ve done! I’ll start :blsmoke: Here I have a Gelato 41 lady, currently day 48 of 12/12 and she is my 4th successful grow! First grow going all organic...
  13. Raspberrykiwi

    Found a seed in one of my preflowers??

    Hey guys. Curiosity killed the cat. I wanted to take a nice look at some trichomes on an untouched preflower at day 44 of 12/12. I got a nice look, beautiful trichomes lol. But I squeezed it after and it was hard. Welp, found a seed in the one preflower I picked off a branch. Does this mean my...
  14. Raspberrykiwi

    Can I see your flowers?

    Everyone CURRENTLY in flower, show me your buds! I’m getting excited and Tomorrow is barely week 4 of 12/12 for me! Show me what you got growing :eyesmoke:
  15. Raspberrykiwi

    Day 23 of flower, tops yellowing?

    Hey guys. I started noticing the leaves at the top started to look yellow, but I’m not sure if it’s because the tops are too close to the light. The buds themselves are doing great, but the leaves are a bit light to me? Maybe I can get some insight?
  16. Raspberrykiwi

    Nitrogen deficiency?

    Hey guys, I posted in the newbie section when I should have posted here. My plant is 14 days into flower in the pics (HPS on). A little bit of info, my whole plant is green and healthy. 6 leaves ended up yellowing off my plant the last 3 days or so and I just noticed it. Must have just happened...
  17. Raspberrykiwi

    What deficiency is this?

    Hey guys, day 14 flower. These leaves are on the bottom canopy. These are the only ones I have found, but I’m sure more will pop up. I don’t recall the exact day I transplanted, but what is my plant lacking right now that I need to feed?
  18. Raspberrykiwi

    Canopy overgrowth

    Hey guys.. I got a question. My plant currently is 45-50 inches tall throughout the canopy. About 12-15 inches, maybe more, from the top is just over grown. I want to cut some of it to help the bud grow a bit better without running into issues. I need some guidance, I've never grown a plant of...
  19. Raspberrykiwi

    New plant sprouting from clone?

    Hey guys, my buddy recently purchased 4 clones. Today he checked on them and found a sprouting weed plant! I confirmed it was a weed plant. I asked if it had a seed shell anywhere next to the seedling and there was not. Is it possible that a new plant can sprout off of the roots? I have seen...
  20. Raspberrykiwi

    Cloning with honey?

    Hello, id like a bit of confirmation from someone who has maybe done this before?? I don’t have cloning equipment so here is what I used. 6 1x1 pieces of foil, folded 2 times to make thick 6 inch squares. I used a small cup to form little pots and filled all 6 with peat moss. I cut 6 cuttings...