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  1. Rsawr

    Rsawr's 5 Strain Disaster

    Less than 2 weeks on my old tent/thread, will be mostly chop shots on that thread... Decided I was feeling smart and started 5 seeds of 5 different strains. LET'S GOOO~~ -Rudeboi OG (Seedsman) - 1:1 Cream & Cheese (Seedsman) -Schromba (Katsu) - Critical mass (ILGM) -Super skunk (GOG)...
  2. Rsawr

    LSD, 5 days enough?

    I don't know why on earth I started seeds, but I want her tent and light for the babies. She gonna be done by Wednesday? If not, I guess the seeds can live blurple life for a week or 2. I dropped my loupe and the 60x part broke, 30x looks like all milky and 5 percent amber on buds. She...
  3. Rsawr

    Is this enough CS? Are they male enough?

    Never done reversing before. Should I continue spraying until I see actual pollen now, or should I stop spraying, to prevent silver from getting on the developed pods? I am not using STS, so I was spraying 60ppm colloidal silver daily for 2 weeks. I know the pods can be empty, sometimes, any...
  4. Rsawr


    You guys just leave your mechanical timers, or adjust them the hour? Ever forgotten and been pissed? I hate daylight savings... always throws me off the day after. Either tent not awake yet, or asleep an hour earlier than I thought...
  5. Rsawr

    Give these cuttings anither week?

    Hiya, I had a fish tank and a piece of Tupperware and I was high... I made a little bubbler, and took cuttings. Alive and fairly happy for a week under a 20w blurple, the ones from my GFK are starting to yellow on the edges of the leaves. Should I keep them going, or try again with nutes...
  6. Rsawr

    What's going on with this Grapefruit Kush?

    Hey all, got a grapefruit kush with some rust spots and minor droop starting. I flipped to flower a little less than a week ago, and didn't think she would start needing watering twice a day quite yet, but she was pretty damn dry this AM. So no problem, schedule amended. She is in a 5...
  7. Rsawr

    Love some advice!

    Hey guys, my current grow has had some ph issues. I am having trouble telling if they are done. One because it's so burned, and one because I have never grown a plant with such fluffy looking buds. They're both at 11 weeks from flip. And yes, they look horrible. But no bud rot, and the weed...
  8. Rsawr

    Anyone wanna hit up some survival games and smoke?

    From Raft to Rust to Green Hell! I need more discord buddies to smoke and survive with :) happy to try something new too... save me from cyberpunk.... lol :bigjoint:
  9. Rsawr

    Rsawr's Disaster Time Grows

    Hey all. Gonna get started on another grow while my current tent finishes up. Got a tent full of PH burned ladies limping along to the finish line (Ask me why you should never accidentally recalibrate your PH pen WAY OFF and not notice for 2 weeks). Caught them in time and will get a yield...
  10. Rsawr

    Who has had success with LED knockoffs?

    Just ordered an sf-2000 for less than I paid on amazon for my sf-1000 (129 usd) I know most of these are made overseas in the same places as the main manufacturers in a lot of cases. Just wondering if anyone has seen quality/lifespan issues. Seemed worth it to try and upgrade.
  11. Rsawr

    Supercropped plant won't lay the eff down!

    Heya, I have a lady who was getting a bit too tall compared to the others in my tent because she lost a main branch and the remaining 3 exploded. I supercropped her a week ago and since then the stem itself seems to be healing back upwards a little bit every day. I was under the impression...
  12. Rsawr

    RSawr's second grow. Tips and advice welcome.

    Hey guys. Been prepping for back to work so I haven't had time to post a proper journal. But since I am nearing the flower flip I thought I'd post something more regularly. Probably a weekly update on my 5 ladies. We've got: 2x Skywalker OG fem and 2x Critical Mass fem at 4 weeks or so, and...
  13. Rsawr

    Tips on telling my seedling which light the sun is?

    Hey all, not really a problem, just curious. I have a mix of LEDs in my tent with 5 plants. 2 120 watt blurple and a sf1000. The seedling on the edge of where the light changes from whitish to blurple likes the blurple more and so is growing at a slant if I leave it lie. With its leaves up...
  14. Rsawr

    Topped for the first time, one question

    Hey all, I topped one of my seedlings a few days ago and she bounced back nicely, new growth starting, not much of a slow down. I do however notice that the plant seems to be trying to push new growth out of the top of the stem that I cut as well as around it. Should I attempt to remove this...
  15. Rsawr

    Leaves fading and Curling, slower growth

    Hey all, if anyone has advice I'd love it! Sorry for the trouble, tried to do the stuff from the pinned threads, hope I just missed something obvious. I have 5 LSD fem plants from ILGM. One of the plants has been having trouble for a few weeks and I have tried several things. At first I...
  16. Rsawr

    Powerplant Gittin her goin!

    What do you think, 3 more days of flower? Then harvest I think! Jkjkjk. She went in the dirt 4/5 She popped outta the dirt 4/8 she should be a hardy one! This is the seed I am putting a few weeks ahead of my main grow so I can test out LST and topping and use that on my 4 main plants more...
  17. Rsawr

    My back regrets this small pot choice!

    My ladies are in 1 gallon pots and this late into flower they would totally dry out without being watered every 30ish hours. I am pretty lazy so I usually just let them get pretty droopy so that I don't have to guess pot weights or worry about over watering. They don't seem to mind the droopy...
  18. Rsawr

    Lol postman stole my seeds

    Me and my roomies know he is a dealer, we don't buy from him. He must have ordered from the same spot as me, recognized the packaging, then the mfer stuck the label onto another envelope and scanned it as delivered. My dude is ruthless...
  19. Rsawr

    Quarantine D&D?

    Hey RIU, dunno how many nerds we have here, wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a 5e group over something like discord or zoom. I've had pretty decent success with my home groups on discord the past few weeks. I would say Trolls need not apply, but Trolls are a thing in D&D...
  20. Rsawr

    What are we drinking today?

    Didn't see a thread, but please move/delete if I missed it like a dummy. I am out of the bottom shelf and moving up to the mid shelf this evening. Turns out the cheap hoarders in Chicago are hoarding the bad whiskey, so I have plenty of decent stuff as opposed to a cabinet of 10 buck...