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    Looking for LED strips for a DIY build

    Hi guys. What are the go to led strips these days? Are the Samsung F3's still the best or i have seen a few EB Gen 3 builds on here lately. Or is there anything newer? Wanting to flower a 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) tent I have 4 x HLG-150H-54B (voltage output 27-54V, current output max 2.8A) drivers. I...
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    distance between F-Strips

    Hi everyone, i will finally have some time to build my veg light this weekend but want some advice first My veg area is 70cm x 1.3m (27 x 51 inches) I want to build 2 frames each 60 x 60cm (2feet x 2feet) My driver is a HLG-150H-54B 2.5amps output (i have 5 of these, got them for £10 each :))...
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    Have i finally worked out drivers?

    After loads of reading and watching YT, i think i may have finally worked out how to pair drivers with strips, or have i? So if i get a CC driver like the HLG-150H-54B 54vdc, 2.8amp. If i use 2 Samsung F-strips they would be running at 75w each and 1.4amps each. 3 Samsung F-strips would be...
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    Help please, brown spots, crispy leaves

    need help please. Getting brown spots, leaves drying and crispy, then dying. growing in Clover Multi purpose compost (i do have some babies in reused biobizz all-mix and these aren't affected) feeding 1ml fishmix 1ml agamic 1ml cal-mag even though i am in...