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  1. Stealthstyle

    Nu life power gro, anyone using it?

    I have nu life power grow bloom and wondering if its quality..last grow i had a few minor deficiencies and bought some dutch masta bloom as well. havent opened the dutch masta but wondering if its worth using up the nu-life bloom first?
  2. Stealthstyle

    cutting fan leaves to increase light to lower branches

    Does anyone do this or do you wait till lower branches extend out enough? Im in a small setup 2ft x 2ft growing space 160cm talland just trimmed back a slow growing holy grail kush as it has mini branches down low getting not light. Was this a bad idea? im doing a scog so want all my branches...
  3. Stealthstyle

    reducing stretch in first weeks of bloom

    I have tried lowering lights which works a bit and also feeding veg nutes for the first few weeks of flower but are there any other ways to reduce stretch in the start of bloom?
  4. Stealthstyle

    best sized pots for sea of green

    what are the best sized pots for sea of green? (sog) solo cups seem a bit small and brittle are there any oher pots that would suit. i prefer sog to be 6-8 inches apart yeilding half an ounce each plant.or perpetual harvest.
  5. Stealthstyle

    grow pro australia fu 63root repair

    Has anyone used this nutrient additive? i can tell if its working or not it seems like good stuff but im not sure. I grow in perlite not dwc or aeroponics where this might be more beneficial but im using it anyway. when i run out im deciding whethor to buy more. its not too pricey and promises...
  6. Stealthstyle

    floralicious- snake oil or does it work?

    ive got some floaralicious unopened as i just used up my first bottle. I didnt seem to notice any changes to the plant but keen to hear other peoples view of this additve.
  7. Stealthstyle

    keeping clones in the fridge

    Ive heard and researched a little bit on keeping clones in the fridge. Aparrently you can take cuttings and put them in a ziplock bag, (not moist as it will encourage roots on the stems)and then when you're ready the clones can be put in jiffy pellets or rockwool and get roots. Has anyone tried...
  8. Stealthstyle

    Small seedling curling over.

    Hi i popped two holy grail kush's a couple of weeks ago one is lagged behind the other as another seed i had for the grow didnt i popped a second HG kush. Im growing in pure perlite as i always have done minus a few coco runs that didnt turn out as well as pure perlite. The first one is...
  9. Stealthstyle

    how long do carbon filters last?

    Ive had my carbon filter for about 7 years but only used it about20 months worth of growing...wondering when ill be expected to get a new one or get my current one refilled.
  10. Stealthstyle

    What are some highly potent with thc and cbd that are pure indicas?

    Im looking for some pure indicas or plants that dont stretch much after going to 12/12. Ive tried northern light blue from delicious seeds but its not potent enough. it was easy to scrog though and is a fave in my small tent (2ft by 2ft scrog) for its characteristics of growing many colas in...
  11. Stealthstyle

    what are the best ways of hanging a light?

    What is the best product to hang a light? im using chain that has a hook but its not easy to use and raise or lower the light. Anyone got any better products to buy that raises and lowers the light easier?
  12. Stealthstyle

    leds too intense for clones?

    I run 4 cxb3070's at 3500k at 50 watts each. im growing a white rhino and a glueberry og next to eachother and dont have a clone room. i used to use cfl's for clones but this time i thought why waste all that ligh besides the pots. well the white rhino clone has started shrivelling up i only...
  13. Stealthstyle

    Whats a good tent

    for a 2x2ft and a carbon filter in there too. Im guessing a 3ft by 2ft?
  14. Stealthstyle

    Dont leave your drivers on 24/7

    i left my home made led and driver on for 24/7 for about 3 months and it burnt out on a 40' C day Just letting you know. It was replaced free of charge under warranty just paying for shipping but it cost me a my 4-8 ounces i would have got off that plant. i gave it away to a guy who will sell it...
  15. Stealthstyle

    What sort of car do you drive?

    I'm asking drive not necessarily own so i can include all the car thieves who drive awesome cars. So what sort of car do you drive? if you live in illegal states or countries i suggest you dont show photos of your plates.
  16. Stealthstyle

    hi i have a home made

    Hi i have a home made led display setup but i left in on24/7 for like 3 months i think i blew the driver do you think thats what it would be? with power on and i connect all the cables to their ports it doesnt flash or show any light they are cree 3xb5000 i think at 3500 lumens wired in series...
  17. Stealthstyle

    Humbolt seed organisation

    Anyone grown them? they have a good selection. im growing sapphitre og at the moment and it taken a while to kick into flowering but looks good. i head black dog is fire also but keen to hear peoples oppinions.
  18. Stealthstyle

    GH floranectar gimmock or needed?

    On the back of the label it ays its for sweetening the plant and contains cane sugar and molasses but is it really usefull? i doubt it sweetens the buds and might be used in soil for microbes in the soil but im growing in coco. What do you think? i used to use canna boost but that was way too...
  19. Stealthstyle

    My plant in a scrog is now at 6 week mark of flowering, all hairs are turning brown already.

    I know they ay this is a fast strain 50-56 days and ive seen that proven in the right conditions but i have to ask a few questions. my last grow of this strain i pulled at 48 days as the trics were mostly cloudy and a few amber. Its northern light blue by delicious seeds. i dont have a loupe...
  20. Stealthstyle

    Whats the best height for lighting on established plants?

    I have a plant under a screen thats 22inches or 60 something cm from the leds, they are cree cxb3070's, 4 of them about 12 inches apart. Ive noticed some yellowing on some leaves but that could be from putting my plant in the ceiling space due to an inspection on my rental. I lowered the light...