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  1. ltecato

    General observation on Purple Punch clones in LA area

    My wife and I like Purple Punch. It really does smell like a bottle of MD 20/20. Now maybe I am just having bad luck but it seems like the clones I get locally all perform fairly well but the Purple Punch barely puts on any roots. They just start flowering and maybe get 10 percent bigger than...
  2. ltecato

    Legal Green Weed Store: Beware of the “refundable insurance fee” scam online

    I am kicking myself for falling for this grift. I was kind of desperate to score some GDP clones in California because my wife needs GDP for migraines. So far GDP is the only strain we have found that reliably helps. We don’t want to pay retail prices for the flowers so I have been growing it...
  3. ltecato

    Ever heard of ProTech Local 33? It's accused of being a phony union

    "Not only had nobody heard of ProTech Local 33—the group is not a member of state or local labor councils or federations—but it didn’t appear to have any members."
  4. ltecato

    Orange Burmese: Biggest axillary calyxes I have ever seen

    Okay I am not sure that "axillary calyx" is a real botanical term but I'm talking about those structures where you usually see the first sign that a plant is male or female. They are usually near the site where a branch grows off a main stem. I'm growing Orange Burmese by Equilibrium Seeds in...
  5. ltecato

    Tax based on potency? I hope they are talking about taxing concentrates rather than flowers. Because everyone knows that the flowers that test higher in THC are not necessarily more...
  6. ltecato

    Rain makes a difference... duh!

    Just yesterday none of my four Burmese Orange plants was tall enough to touch the wire that I plan to use for manifolding. Today after a rain, all four are up to the wire.
  7. ltecato

    Getting ready to plant sprouted autoflower seeds in ground

    I impulsively soaked some Mexican Airlines beans from FastBuds and got five out of five to pop for me. They are in peat pellets now. I'm not posting photos because they look exactly like any other just-sprouted seedlings in peat pellets. My question is, since last I heard repotting is not...
  8. ltecato

    New store in Bellflower

    Gotta check this out. I'm in Downey and have to drive pretty damn far to get to any dispensaries. This might be the closest store to where I live. Don't know anything about Jay-Z because I am an old fogy who stopped listening to hip-hop approximately when Shaggy arrived. "BELLFLOWER, Calif...
  9. ltecato

    Just heard something about Greyhound that burns my ass

    My wife just told me she saw Greyhound employees confiscating gummies from a woman at the bus station in LA. Apparently Greyhound has a zero tolerance policy and they WILL search your baggage if they think you are carrying cannabis.
  10. ltecato

    Hate to admit it but some major scumbags have been involved in growing cannabis in California

    Cannabis is fairly benign and so are most of the people who produce and consume it, but ... well, just read what this sleazy doctor's son did when his wife caught him having an affair and keep that in mind when you're dealing with anyone on the margins of the industry. Be careful. The doctor got...
  11. ltecato

    Had to buy some seeded "Lilly"

    I was at a dispensary and I saw they had this strain called Lilly, which I never heard of, and it is advertised as sativa and it was labeled "seeded" so I got an eighth. I did some Googling and read that it is also called Pina Colada and it is supposed to be medical but I think these flowers...
  12. ltecato

    Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

    I can't believe how many times this song has been covered. Far as I can tell Sonny Boy Williamson was the original.
  13. ltecato

    10 million "hemp" plants seized in Kern County

    Turned out they tested way too high in THC. Damn, that is a hella lotta material they destroyed.
  14. ltecato

    "Permanent ban" in Pico Rivera... well, that sucks

    "For residents, the move doesn’t change much: Cannabis stores are still banned. Medical dispensaries are also still banned, but the city still doesn’t have the authority to ban cannabis deliveries. Those are still happening."...
  15. ltecato

    LA sheriff's deputies robbed a weed warehouse one year ago... one of them is pleading guilty

    "Bradley Scott Dietze allegedly lied to a Los Angeles Police Department officer investigating the heist in downtown L.A. last fall, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Authorities have said 1,200 pounds of weed and $645,000 in cash and money orders were stolen...
  16. ltecato

    Outdoor drainage question

    I'm growing in LA County. For all practical purposes it only rains here in winter, and when it finally starts it comes down pretty hard and creates a big puddle right in the middle of my grow area. The soil is actually pretty loose in this patch. Some of the local dirt is clay and can be really...
  17. ltecato

    "Caddyshack" meets "Apocalypse Now" in war on roaches in Brazil We've all been there, bro.... thoughts and prayers.
  18. ltecato

    So, it snowed in Colorado... bummer.

    Colorado pot grower loses 20K plants due to early snow
  19. ltecato

    Weirdest smell yet...

    Just got through drying a Chem 4 Glue plant grown from Equilibrium Genetics seed and it stank up the house with a smell like onion rings. Really strong odor. I harvested another Chem 4 Glue last month but did not get that kind of stench.
  20. ltecato

    According to this, Cali has 874 licensed dispensaries vs. nearly 3K illegal stores and delivery operations "A study by BDS Analytics projects the legal market is on track to reach $3.1 billion in 2019 sales but, the illegal market will generate $8.7 billion." Also: "Wald said the black market is...