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  1. PadawanWarrior

    USB Microscope... a good investment.

    Thanks man. Now I feel like taking a shower. Ignorance is bliss.
  2. PadawanWarrior

    What will be the outcome?

    You do the same thing with basil. Most people are hesitant to chop at their plants, but after you do it once you'll feel fine about it. I'd start with topping and then LST. Then mess around with supercropping too. You'll learn a lot. These things can take some serious abuse. And topping breaks...
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    What will be the outcome?

    No I mean top it. You chop the top off. Just google it. It sounds scary at first maybe, but it's a good thing.
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    It will magically appear tomorrow. You need to be a member for 48 hours and get likes from 3 different people. Welcome.
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    What will be the outcome?

    I'd at least top it.
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    Am I close to harvest??

    Actually harvest time totally changes the effects. But I'm not suggesting to intentionally chop early though. If you want a more sativa high, grow a sativa strain, and if you want an indica, grow an indica. I've grown a Sunset Sherbert a bunch of times and harvested a bunch soon when I'd see...
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    You got the crazy part right, lol.
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    Chunky Budz

    Please show me the post he says that?
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    What will be the outcome?

    Same here. We have been for over 20 years. I'm also sure I'm way older too. I know the craziness that goes on here, but this shit is getting pretty ridiculous. There were some funny comments though, lol.
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    What will be the outcome?

    Because I gave you a compliment, lol.
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    What will be the outcome?

    I had one in my living room for awhile. I eventually took it outside, but I didn't water it and it died. It was just for fun. I knew it would die if I didn't water it here in CO. I'd raise the plants height, so it's right in front of the window. And get that light closer. I had mine on a box...
  12. PadawanWarrior

    Bloom question

    Can you get water from an outside faucet that isn't connected to the RO system? And is does it have a softener too, because softened water is bad for soil and plants. Build a Bloom already has Ca and Mg too, so you shouldn't need extra. As for dosage, it's 1 tsp per gal, but I've never used it...
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    hlg 3x350r or 2x600

    It's all good. I have all my HGL 288 boards at 90 watts a piece. Add the little 100's and I only am running 650 watts total in my 3.5 x 8 closet. That's even less. That's only like 23 watts a sq ft. Works pretty damn good still, but if I changed the 100's to 260's at 180 watts a piece, it would...
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    What will be the outcome?

    If that pic in your avatar is you, I just gotta say damn. Gorgeous.
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    hlg 3x350r or 2x600

    That's only 24 watts per sq ft, all on maximum setting. It will work though.
  16. PadawanWarrior

    hlg 3x350r or 2x600

    4 350's. I like multiple lights too. I've got 5 HLG lights in my 3.5 x 8 closet. 2 260's, 2 100's, and a 135 in the center. I have 2 more 260's here in boxes that can replace the 100's when I want but haven't. I have CMH above those 2 100's that aren't on now. I would like to take out the 100's...
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    Do you guys think this looks ready?

    You're not playing. Steak tacos. Way to show off man, JK.
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    DIY with Quantum Boards

    The design.
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    11 Days in and Stunted Wilting Seedlings

    Maybe water them a little more. At least that's what I'd do. Or water one good and compare it to the other stunted one after a few days. Then you'll know for sure. I'm always experimenting with new shit.