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  1. pop22

    Horticultural Lighting Group's Bursting with Buds Light giveaway!

    Welcome to Horticultural Lighting Group's Bursting with Buds Light giveaway! We know there are a lot of great gardeners on Roll it Up and we want to help show off your buds and give you a chance at winning the best lights on the market! Enter a photo of your best buds! Photo can be one bud or...
  2. pop22

    Horticultural Lighting Group At CannaCon

    Horticultural Lighting Group will be at CannaCon 6/25/2021 and 6/26/2021. The event runs from 10am to 5pm both days. More information available at:
  3. pop22

    Resurrection: The True Phoenix of the Cannabis World

    I should have known better. I've seen it happen before. I was even hoping it would happen again. And yet, when it did, I was amazed! To see a sprout spring, from a STONE DEAD clone is nothing short of miraculous! I regret the ones I've tossed in the past, no telling how many of them would have...
  4. pop22

    Here's what you get when you buy Ebay COBs...........

    Don't say you weren't warned..........
  5. pop22

    Greenhouse Ducksfoot

    I've had a great summer in my little greenhouse. Currently have my own cross, Blue Dragon and Ducksfoot growing. I looked for 2 years to find Ducksfoot and finally found a clone. A couple local people have been growing it for many years. It was brought here from Australia. I friend gave me...
  6. pop22

    Trademarking strain Names??? Boycott Big Budha Seeds!

    And so it seems, the bullshit gets deeper! According to Freedom of Seeds, Big Budha Seeds has trademarked " Cheese" as a strain name for seeds! Personally, i'll boycott every seed company that does this, and when they've all done it, they can go fuck themselves, I'll grow strictly my own! This...