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    It's Saturday!

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    Broncos have kicked ass so far in free agency.

    The No Fly Zone Lives Again.
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    New Congress rules.

    Everyone in the House and Senate needs to partake in a pre vote smoke out. It just makes sense. Pelosi looks like she could really use some after watching some 60 Minutes. They'd probably be a lot cooler with each other if they just smoked out together and had a stoners debate.
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    Dr. Dre had a brain aneurysm

    Then some fools tried to rob his house while he's in the hospital. They arrested the 4 though. Get well Dre.
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    How many more weeks?

    How many weeks do you guys think this needs? It has been kinda starved because I still haven't figured out how to keep up with the top dressing. But I thought it might be kinda fun to see what other people consider ready. Sorry, the pics off this IPad suck.
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    What are you gonna spend your stimulus money on?

    Just got $1800 put in our account today. I think we're just paying bills with it though. I can send my credit card company a check for the lights I ordered on Black Friday. My wife did bring home like 7 pounds of ribeye steaks tonight when she noticed at the store, so she already spent $50 on...
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    What deficiencies does this look like?

    I've been using the same soil for a couple years now and I'm having issues with nutrient deficiency. My water has Ca in it already I'm sure, and I was top dressing with Ca based amendments. So my thought was too much Ca is locking out Mg and K. I've cut out most of the Ca based stuff for now to...
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    What about a cannabis history channel, or section. I am high so don't hate on me, lol.

    What about a cannabis history channel, or section. I am high so don't hate on me, lol. But seriously, I think it could be interesting.
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    Going down to Denver, gonna have myself a time.

    The whole town of South Park was at the Broncos game today. They were all wearing their masks.
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    Does guano really "mango", or sweeten buds?

    Just curious if it's just me, but my first batch had lots of guano and all my buds had a fruity aftertaste that would linger on your tongue. Was it the guano?
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    Controlling your own dreams.

    Just curious if anyone else has been able to control what happens in your dreams sometimes. I mean that you realize you're dreaming while in a dream, so you know nothing is real and you can do whatever you want. It's a type of lucid dreaming or something. Flying dreams are common too for people...
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    HLG 100 dimmable?

    I just realized that you can add a dimmer to the HLG 65. Is there a dimmer I can add to the HLG 100? @Stephenj37826 , when you get around to it let me know. That's really cool the 65's dimmable. I had no idea. I need to do more research now.
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    Next thing they'll ban.

    Already lost the Duke boys. Next they're gonna try to ban classic rock. It didn't happen if you erase it from history. Then we will wipe the slate clean of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I'm not saying there's not social and racial inequality, but how can you learn from past...
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    Lots of us are kinda ignorant.

    I went to a high school in WA and we were known as the Juanita Rebels. I had no idea how offensive the Rebel Flag was at the time, and never really thought about it. But later realized how crazy it was that a high school had that as a theme. They changed their logo long ago so I think there has...
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    NFL Draft starts today.

    It's gonna be different being virtual, but I'm still excited. Go Broncos, lol.
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    Just built another HLG 135 V1 kit.

    Just thought I'd share a couple pics of a new HLG 135 V1 in 5000k I just put together. I went a little nuts when the V1's were super cheap, lol. It's gonna replace a HLG 100 in 3000k in a few seconds.