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    First grow, how far along is she?

    First grow. Shes outdoor so i dont have a set date for when she went into flower. She started showing pistils 43 days ago but doesnt look as full as some of the other 40ish day plants ive seen. Any good way to tell how far along or how much longer she has?
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    Humidity during dark cycle

    I have a roughly 4'x4' living soil bed in a garage tent. Once the lights turn off my humidity rises significantly due to my inline fan turning off because the tent doesn't need to be cooled from light heat anymore. My VPD goes from 1.3 during lights on down to .3-.5ish when lights are off. I...
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    First grow, flipping to flower.

    This is my first grow and want to make sure everything is setup right before i flip to flower 4x4 tent 46"x 46" Grassroots living soil raised bed Mixed my own soil using my own worm castings, local compost, SPM, Pumice, BaS Biochar and BaS Craft Blend Blumat Blusoak HLG Scorpion Diablo 18/6...
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    Soil Testing

    I'm a very new grower (3rd grow but first time with female) and curious about my soil chemistry. I kept reef aquariums for 20+ years where I was testing Ca, Mg, K, NO3 and PO4 on a weekly basis. PH and DKH were monitored on a daily basis. Knowing what was going on in the tank allowed me to...
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    3rd try 4x4 indoor, finally got a female

    New to growing, haven't had a harvest yet. Prior 2 grows all ended up being male. Finally got a female so fingers crossed i can finish this one. 4x4 tent 4x4 grassroots living soil bed HLG Scorpion Diablo with 2x HLG UVA strips and 2x 410nm-480nm Orphek LED bar Pulse Pro monitor 90 degrees 53%...
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    Random lighting thought.

    Example PPFD numbers: Veg 300 PPFD Flower 600 PPFD From what I've been reading, PPFD during flower should be increased when compared to veg. Is intensity increased to maintain a similar DLI as veg but with a shorter photo period to promote flowering? With a shorter, more intense photo period...
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    First grow log

    * 3x3 grow tent * 2x Aglex COB 2000s 6/2 cycle. * Just transplanted from solo cups to 5g air pots. 30% FFOF, 30% coco, 30% perlite. * Extreme Gardening Azos and Mykos full strength on root ball at transplant. * No nutes yet except 50% recommended dose of CalMag and Kangaroots * Inkbird RH with...
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    White specks on Seedlings

    Doesnt seem like WPM or spider mites to me. Any ideas?
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    humidity, temperature and inline fans

    First grow/ first post so i figured id ask here instead of the indoor grow sub forum. I live in the high desert, outside temperature is high and humidity is low. My 3x3x6 tent in the garage runs at 95 and 60rh with the inline fan off and a humidifier running. If i turn the inline fan on, the...