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    Is year old BT and Spinosad still effective?

    I have leftover Southern Ag BT and Monterey Spinosad that I bought last year. It’s been in my garage prolly cooking above 100 degrees frequently. It’s prolly not prudent to use, but I was curious what this community’s experience has been.
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    In-ground soil preparation

    I grow outside in the ground organically. This upcoming season will be my third outdoor grow in the same space. Over the last two, years, I have been amending the soil and hopefully improving each time. I continue to research looking for ideas or methods I should incorporate into soil...
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    In the ground soil prep questions

    I live in southern area of the San Joaquin Valley in California (Bakersfield). This will be my second year growing. I kind of winged it last year, but I did manage to produce some ok buds. This year, I thought I should focus on improving my soil, so back in late January, I mostly followed...