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    Interested to hear what everyone’s using for their inoculations? I’m thinking about adding rootwise to my weekly inoculations of EWC, recharge & Fish Sh!t. Trying to keep as much diversity as possible which is why I’m thinking about adding Rootwise to the routine & dropping Recharge (a lot of...
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    Using microbes to completely replace synthetic nutes

    The future is fast approaching. My mind is blown. No more wasting countless hours throughout the season mixing up nutes. Applying microbes once at the time of planting with seed & they do the rest‼️I can’t wait till this is perfected, hopefully it won’t break the bank :clap...
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    Green light❓

    So, I’ve been super busy lately & have not had the time that I would like in the garden. As a result it’s looking like a jungle. I need to get in there defoliate & tie up some branches. I’ve been thinking about getting a couple green lights to allow me to work at lights out, but I would hate to...
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    Too late to defoliate & lollipop again❓

    I did a cleanup right before flower but they stretched like a motherfucker. Wondering if I should just leave it be or clean up the bottom that’s not gonna get the proper light so they can focus the buds on top.
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    Lavender not doing shit

    I’ve never grown lavender before, & as you can see I’ve had a horrible germination rate with my lavender. The ones that did end up making it above ground have been stalled out like this for a little over two weeks now. Is this normal for lavender? Does it really grow this slow or am I doing...
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    Converting plastic to vanillin❗️
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    I need a fungi expert to look at this

    This is my rove beetle farm and it’s growing this white fuzzy fungi that looks like it’s eating gnats & possibly a rove beetle or 2. Is this beneficial fungi or should I restart the farm? Could it possibly be beauveria bassiana? I’ve heard beauveria bassiana devours things like root aphids. In...
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    First house built entirely of hempcrete & hempwood

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Journey to the MarsHydroFCE3000

    #️⃣MarsHydroFCE3000 Thanks you for another great opportunity @MarsHydrofactory In this journal I will showcase different parts of the grow This is Shiskaberry. She’s about to...
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    Further genetics Does anyone know if further Genetics is legit? Has anyone used them & have any experience? If so, how did the transaction go? When you flowered out the cut was what it was supposed to be?
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    Auto tent with the Viparspectra XS1000

    I will be showcasing my 2.5’x2.5’ auto tent under the brand new XS1000 in this thread. I want to thank @ViparSpectra Grower for the awesome giveaway & letting me test the new XS1000‼️ I decided to put the XS1000 in my 2.5’x2.5’ instead of the new 60”x48”x80” tent because the footprint on the...
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    Why does everyone like tops so much?

    The lowers is where it’s at IMO‼️ Top of the same bud...
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    Help with HLG 600W QB288 V2 R spec LED Kit

    The light randomly dims lower & higher when the dimmer is not even connected
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    Bug ID

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    Need help treating Root Aphids

    Plant is on week 3 of flower. They don’t seem to be affecting her yet. How should I treat?
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    Is it ok my LAB smells sour

    I let it separate from the rice wash and milk for five or six days before straining. I’ve never made LAB before so I’m wondering if this smell is OK or if it went bad before I got a chance to separate and refrigerate?
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    Any recommendations for a dry herb vaporizer

    Any recommendations for a dry herb vaporizer that works with this as well.
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    #️⃣Viparspectra 420 Giveaway

    First of all I wanna thank @ViparSpectra Grower for the chance at this contest❗ I am definitely in need of a new tent and light so this would be perfect.:fire: :shock: :weed: I don’t have a vipar spectra light yet, so I’ll use this thread to give day-to-day updates on what’s going on in my grow...