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    Has anybody tried strawberry chemdawg og?

    I'm going to try something new with this grow and I was thinking about Strawberry chemdawg og from Dutch passion. Have any of you grown or smoked this?
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    Does anybody use a tower fan hung sideways?

    I need a new fan and I was thinking about getting a tower fan instead of another wall mount and hang it sideways with rope ratchets. I'm just wondering if anybody has tried this and if so, did it work well...
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    Does anybody use the Meijiu F6 480 watt?

    I know a lot of you use meijiu but I was wondering if anybody uses the 480 watt F6? I was quoted $398 shipped so thats a damn good deal. If anyone has a better recommendation for a strip light that will go in a 3x3 for around the same price I'm open to other options.
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    Alibaba Lumatek attis 300 watt.

    So im looking at getting a strip light for my 3x3 but my options seem limited for strips in that size tent. I'm interested in the Lumatek Attis 300 watt and was hoping to find something similiar on Alibaba but havent had any luck so I was hoping one of you have seen a vendor that sells them...
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    Do you prefer quantum boards or strips?

    I'm not really looking for a new light but the samsung strips do look nice so I'm wondering if you guys prefer boards or strips and why? I already have 4 quantum boards that I use with a 315 cmh, and a 600 watt hps that I don't use anymore so Im not in need of a light but I might get a small...
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    White or mylar tent?

    So I'm getting a new tent and the brand I'm going with has the option for white on the inside rather than mylar. I have watched a few video's showing the white reflects light better so I'm thinking of going with that but was wondering what you guys think is better.
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    Found seed in bud from 2x2. Could my 5x5 be pollinated too?

    So I took a bud off one of my plants in my 2x2 just to test it out and found 2 seeds. I looked all over both plants but didn't find any signs of hermie on either of them. The seeds were in the critical orange punch which I was going to harvest in a week but Im thinking I should just take it down...
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    Curious how many watts would you use in 5x5 with quantum boards.

    This is only my second run with with quantum boards so I am still figuring out how much to use to max out my 5x5. I always see people say 30 watts per sq foot is good but is that the minimum or is much more than that too much? Right now I have two 220 watt boards and a 315 cmh in my 5x5 that I...
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    Have you noticed the buds smell less when dried in tent with carbon filter?

    So I was watching the dude grows show a few days ago and the topic of drying and curing came up. They were saying that if you dry in a room with a fan and filter running that could affect the smell of the bud as its drying. I always dry in my tent with a filter and it smells and tastes great...
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    Does anybody know where to buy extra light hanging poles for a tent?

    So I have a 5x5 tent and I need 2 extra equipment hanging poles but can't seem to find them anywhere. I have a green qube tent so I asked them first but didnt get a response. I emailed a few online grow stores and searched google and amazon but no luck. I have 2 local shops I can ask next...
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    What happens if I dont have higher temps with led?

    I am about to start my next run and am still deciding if I should veg with QBs or 315 cmh. Its starting to get colder again and I am not sure If I will be able to maintain temps in the 80s like is common when using led. If i have temps in the mid 70s will there be any negative impact? If so...
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    CMH or quantum board better for veg

    I am about to start my next run in a 5x5 with two 220w Alibaba quantum boards and two 315 cmh. I have vegged with cmh in the past with good results but I am wondering if I should veg with the led or cmh this time or maybe both when they get bigger. What would you guys go with?
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    Connect 2 tents with ducting or buy 2 fans.

    So I have a 5x5 tent and I am thinking about getting a 2.5x.2.5 just for 2 small plants to try different strains. The 5x5 has an 8 inch 715 cfm fan on a controller that I usually run at 40 percent which provides plenty of negative pressure. Instead of buying a new fan and filter I was...
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    Anybody that still flushes before harvest should see this video

    I know most of us probably know flushing is a myth but here's solid evidence.
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    What would you do? Cmh mixed with led or go all led?

    So I am about to get some more lights for my 5x5 and am just looking for some opinions. Right now I am using a 315 cmh and an alibaba sf1000 for 4 autos taking up about 3x3 of the tent. Next run I am going to use the whole 5x5 so I will need to add more lights. I was thinking about getting...
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    All this talk about Alibaba led but has anyone tried cmh?

    Now that I received my first light from Archibald on Alibaba, I have been looking at the cmh options on there too. Does anybody have experience with 315 cmh lights from alibaba? I found this one that looks just like the nanolux cmh. If the shipping is reasonable I'll probably get it...
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    Do I need to use normal led temps while using with 315 cmh?

    So my next run I will be using 2 315 cmh and 2 110 watt sf1000 alibaba leds in a 5x5. This will be my first time using any type of led but from what I have read I need to keep the temps around the low 80s. Since I am mixing in cmh also should i go with those temps or would mid to high 70s be ok?
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    Anybody use the spider farmer sf600? Only 15 watts less than the sf1000

    So I was looking at buying 2 spider farmer sf1000 but then I noticed the sf600 is €50 cheaper and is 85 watts compared to 100 for the sf1000. It doesn't look like the sf600 uses a meanwell driver so I emailed them to see what they're using but other than that this seems to be a better deal. I...
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    Going to mix 315 cmh and led but will they need to be at different heights

    So for the next run I am going to mix 2 315cmh with 2 spider farmer sf1000 but I got to thinking and I am wondering if I will need to hang the cmh further up than the led. I keep the cmh around 20 inches from the canopy but have never used led so Im not sure if the spider farmers will have to...
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    Lumatek zeus 600watt led

    So I had another post asking if I should add another cmh to the one I already have or get an led. I decided on another cmh for now but I am still interested in led and came across the lumatek zeus led. I believe it's a new light but has anyone used this? If not, just by looking at the specs...