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  1. GreenTeaHC

    How to mitigate smelling like your garden so you don't get fired?

    Okay bear with me, I was unsure where to post this, and I'm a complete novice. I have only grown one plant, outside, riddled with pests and that's fine because it was completely experimental, I learned a lot and had fun doing it. Having said that, my tiny 3 foot White Widow outdoor girl made...
  2. GreenTeaHC

    Are these pollen sacs?

    Hey everyone, This is my first grow. I purchased various seeds to experiment with and the plant in the pictures is White Widow (photo) freebie from seedsman. I had several other seedlings going (autos and photos) and they have all hermied and/or had growth stunted and remained mere inches in...
  3. GreenTeaHC


    Hello all, New here. Been lurking for some time now and I'm finding that I would like to post some questions of my own and with any luck have at least a little something to contribute in return. Thank you all in advance, RIU has truly been an invaluable resource this past year as I begin my...