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  1. seymour b

    Replacing ballasts every 2-3 months ... why???

    Mount them with 2"+ aluminum c channel and put a fan on them
  2. seymour b

    Growth after strech Questions. Lights?

    You're going to have a serious pest problem if you're bringing it back indoors every day.
  3. seymour b

    SIP thread -- (Sub-Irrigated Planter)

    Here's a dumb high will perlite wick? Have some ideas for a planter, but wondering that.
  4. seymour b

    Grow room for indoor vegetables

    Yea, canning is on the list if things work out. No clue, I haven't done it yet...
  5. seymour b

    Grow room for indoor vegetables

    Yeah that definitely would be a concern if I didn't have solar for the room.
  6. seymour b

    Grow room for indoor vegetables

    I'm in a non-friendly state, so I'm changing gears to growing vegetables indoors. I have a spider farmer sf4000 and two sf1000s. I grew organic and had good success, but the risk is too high. I was planning on growing tomatoes and if it's feasible, corn year round. I grow corn outdoors but...
  7. seymour b

    Training question

    I'm kind of at a crossroads in my grow. I took the plants out to top today for the last time, but had second thoughts. I manifolded them for 4, and lstd them out wide because I'm in a 5 foot tall space (this will no longer be an issue within a month) but let them get away a 'little'. On each...
  8. seymour b

    The Main-Lining Thread

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I guess I got caught up in seeing everyone not doing it and didn't even consider that. At what point do you start (if at all) defoliating? Just move them around so they don't touch for now?
  9. seymour b

    The Main-Lining Thread

    Just topped for the 2nd time last night. Was away from the grow for a bit, and let them run too long between toppings and they got away from their this my 3rd cut for the 8? If that is my next cut, wait until they show 3 or 4 more nodes and then top and super crop the taller one...
  10. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    Thanks! I'll keep this in mind; that's pretty smart. I watered last night, and did it super slowly. They perked right up (and stayed up). I actually topped them to start manifolding this morning and they were already back facing up tonight. Soil still moist too. I really fucked up the...
  11. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    It was tested it when it was installed, but it was just for coliform etc. It's an aquifer well so you can absolutely drink it, but I'm not sure how this affects plants and beneficial bacteria. I do clean my aerator, so I guess I'll have to stock up on water for plants while that bleach is...
  12. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    Thank you, I need to go back and read the soil thread. Well hell yes on the well water! Is there any concern for harmful to plants bacteria in the well water? I just had it drilled a few months ago. I'm going to go with transplanting them into 5 gallons and then ride them out. Moving from a 3...
  13. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    Oh it's free alright, there are two outside my window right now. Thanks for the advice, down another rabbit hole...
  14. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    Thank you guys for the advice. I watered them today and did it slooooowwwwwly, and saw exactly why I've been fucking up the watering. I ordered a blumat system as well because I'll be going on vacation shortly. I haven't used cal mag yet, but it's here just in case I needed it. I do have...
  15. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    Ah shit...if they've been in these pots for two weeks, have I already used it up? I have truly been fucking up the watering it seems. I have a tub of the same mix here that's been sitting for a few weeks and 3 gallon pots, so I can pot up tomorrow if need be. I slit the bottom of side of the...
  16. seymour b

    Underwatering fabric pots and its effect on microbes

    New grower here using ffof. I'm in week 5 or 6 from seed, and have recently transplanted into 1 gallon fabric pots. Everything has looked pretty good until a few days ago, when I noticed lightening of the lower leaves (and some tips) and some slowing of growth. I've not given any nutrients...
  17. seymour b

    Alfalfa as an amendment?

    I have a 1000lb block outside, this is good info! Horse shit is solid compost too, just really hot? Said horse shit is full of alfalfa, too.
  18. seymour b

    Water: The Most Essential Compound

    Your county will most likely have a state agricultural extension that can handle this. They can test water and soil if needed.
  19. seymour b

    Sixteen Top Mainline - Fallponics Vol 1.

    That is one fat fuck! The top is a whole ass oven mitt!
  20. seymour b


    Imagine months of growing to cure it for an hour!