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  1. Rjt08

    Any guess on yield?

    U think the carbon filter is really necessary?
  2. Rjt08

    Any guess on yield?

    2lbs 0.25 oz. plus or minus 2 lbs
  3. Rjt08

    Is this a hermaphrodite?

  4. Rjt08

    What to do?

    Just start over salvage what you can
  5. Rjt08

    Clones getting sad and diying

    Get a propagation heat pad and a thermometer for the pad
  6. Rjt08

    Male or female?

    Looks male or maybe female
  7. Rjt08

    Rip delete

    In canada if u get your, access to cannabis for medical purpose card, acmpr license, get the max license which is 95 grams a day it's good for 346 indoor and 81 outdoor. It's not difficult to get just takes 6 months or longer.
  8. Rjt08

    Is this bad

  9. Rjt08

    Has your outdoor crop ever gotten stolen?

    They would need a tractor trailer to steal my outdoor :D
  10. Rjt08

    Coco newb question

    When you're giving cal mag to new coco you're not feeding the plant it's the coco you're feeding for some reason the coco holds on to the cal mag then the plants are unable to uptake so u need to give the coco enough cal mag then your plants will be able to uptake cal mag. Atleast that the way I...
  11. Rjt08

    Sex Anyone?

    U can see the pistils or hair coming out of the calyx that's a female
  12. Rjt08

    Sex Anyone?

  13. Rjt08

    Looking for advice on grow

    Some strains are just darker
  14. Rjt08

    Is my plant sick or are those trichomes?

    Starting to get some frost on them
  15. Rjt08

    Complaint of the day

  16. Rjt08

    Am I close to harvest??

    Wrong angle when he took the pic that's all
  17. Rjt08

    Am I close to harvest??

    white hairs means its finished ?
  18. Rjt08

    Day 28 of flower

    8 ounces