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  1. Hydrahail

    AB Growers club...

    Where you get your ICC from?
  2. Hydrahail

    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    That's looking super nice
  3. Hydrahail

    Official Gaia Green Grow Method

    I found a little bit of bokashi and fishsh1t after topdresses and there is no more smell Gaia green by itself is very stinky stuff after it is water in
  4. Hydrahail

    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    Thank you the guy I got it from said it's his favorite
  5. Hydrahail


    Not sure but I grab a fresh coast White truffle pack ,I think both are the same ?
  6. Hydrahail

    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    Anyone try death breath just got a clone and can't find any grows of it
  7. Hydrahail

    3rd Coast Genetics?

    Just popped some pbb f2 :)
  8. Hydrahail

    What beans are you popping in the year of our lord- 2021?

    Gg4 gg strains Mondo burger flora creations Pbb f2 3rd coast White truffle fresh coast Pre 98 bubba cali connection Chemical bride greenhouse Mac x fpog Sacred cut Gelato33 x runtz x cookie n cream Sacredcut
  9. Hydrahail

    GG strains GG4 s1 problems

    I pop 2 from my pack germ no problem
  10. Hydrahail

    Hydras chemdog

  11. Hydrahail

    Hydras chemdog

  12. Hydrahail

    Canada growers thread

    Nice a canada thread :) happy to join
  13. Hydrahail

    Gassiest strain?

    Dank bubba pretty much with death star effects :)
  14. Hydrahail

    Gassiest strain?

  15. Hydrahail

    Open show an tell2021.

    My chemdogs 6 weeks of flower
  16. Hydrahail

    Hydras chemdog

  17. Hydrahail

    The French Cannoli` Hash Thread

    Rip Frenchy
  18. Hydrahail

    Hydras chemdog

    Outdoor vpd has been very good this year except that crazy heat dome week Week 6 sunset pics :)
  19. Hydrahail

    Hydras chemdog