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  1. Hobbitgoblin

    Dwc bubbly leaves slowish growth

    What's the diagnoses Doc?
  2. Hobbitgoblin

    What's is this?

    Dwc The roots look fine. But some leaves are dark green and a few others are lighter green and brown getting brown spot I use southern ag ff
  3. Hobbitgoblin

    Sticky Icky (gg#4/animal cookies hybrid) dwc

    4 clones In 2 35 gallon totes DWC Southern AG GFF (bennys) 20 20 20 Mendocino grow more mutes Floralicious plus Rapid start Floratek 3 auto EC/ph doser (set to 300 ppm/5.8 ph) 650 watt top light 340-800 watt side light Lol I wanted to use more light angle and see if popcorn buds got denser.
  4. Hobbitgoblin

    Molasses in deep water culture with bennies

    This is not a sterile Deepwater conversation so kick rocks all you H2O2/ bleach guys. I'm trying it for the first time. Just added molasses to my rdwc and Orca. Does anyone else have experience in this. I keep seeing the famous Heisenberg recipe uses molasses. So I decided to give it a try and...
  5. Hobbitgoblin

    Been a long long time

    I come from a family who hates cannabis. And it don't blame them. Life and everyone in it is out to use you one way or another. And your just going to make it easy for them getting high? Dulling your mind becoming the bottom of society Employment- law enforcement- systemic racism the list goes...
  6. Hobbitgoblin

    MMA fighters think they beat a Boxer in a no rules scenario

    Mixed Martial artist always think they can beat a boxer in a street fight. I'm like bruh... Ever heard of knife? Screw driver Sit the fk down and pass the blunt. In a life threatening situation the man with no conscience but survival wins. Ain't no mf who's pockets are empty walking out his...
  7. Hobbitgoblin

    Hot seeds

    I dubbed the term myself. "Hot seeds" I was vegging some plants and decided to throw in some seeds. More than half the seeds died but the ones that lived have been the most of most, best of the best phenos I've ever seen. The reason the ppms were at 500-600. And those seedlings took it...
  8. Hobbitgoblin

    20 20 20 nutes RDWC

    Using 20-20-20 grow more Mendocino Calmag Great white micro Super thrive Rapid start Npk Raw enzymes Water chiller 17.3 c temp Humboldt's secret golden tree Tap water dechlorinated with vitamin C Tent specs and equipment 5 by 5 grow tent 2 AC Infinity fans 6" 800 watt LED dimmed down to 420...
  9. Hobbitgoblin


    New clones Double dip (by green point seeds) *Wedding cake/animal cookies $ticky icky ( green point seeds) *Gorilla Glue/animal cookies And my own HobbitGoblin pie Jelly pie(GPS/ white widow(seedsman pheno) (This will take you on an Adventure " I'm pretty excited. First time using a...
  10. Hobbitgoblin

    Experiment in DWC mayonnaise jar mayonnaise

    Had a bunch of seeds and just wanted to pop a few. 2 i threw into an empty mayonnaise jar and an empty Pine-Sol jar. No chiller no ph Light hitting the roots 20-20-20 nutes tap water and cheap soil as a medium. Only issues I had are gnats from over soaking the soil and when I don't top off...
  11. Hobbitgoblin

    Humbolts secret gold tree??

    1st time buying the stuff. I was going to just use NPK raw line. But I've grown for a while using Mendocino grow more 20-20-20 without fail at 1/10-20th the investment. But the golden tree caught my attention when Rob from cannabis life style tv said he used it ( lol good job Rob influenced by...