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  1. ToneOZ

    I did it!!!

  2. ToneOZ

    NON-AUTOFLOWERING plants starting to flower & barely/some not even a foot tall?!?!?!

    Not trying to thread Jack, but since when did GHS incorporate ruderalis into their WW? Was considering running their gear but not anymore with that trash in it
  3. ToneOZ

    Black widow sourcing

    Thankful to have a handful of mr nice seeds. I see they are discontinued on one site and out of stock everywhere else. Any one know what's going on over there?
  4. ToneOZ

    AK Bean Brains

    I remember klozit king promoting the hell out of ak47 back in 02. Never have I ever grown it or smoked it
  5. ToneOZ

    Unknown strain any guesses?

    What kind of lights?
  6. ToneOZ

    Unknown strain any guesses?

    What kind of lights are u using
  7. ToneOZ

    Opinion on Lights

    Mh all the way. Leds from what i have seen in person makes the leaves do weird stuff and stems become dark and woody
  8. ToneOZ

    2020 MASSACHUSETTS outdoor grow Thread!

    Looks nice
  9. ToneOZ

    Fimming in flower

    Pictures step by step or no credit
  10. ToneOZ

    Unknown strain any guesses?

    Looks decent. Hiw big were the seeds or were they cuttings?
  11. ToneOZ

    How long to veg with seeds

    Are they sativa or sativa? If they are sativa might wanna flip them early unleas youe fowering in a gymnasium
  12. ToneOZ

    Unflushed weeds kill hundreds in Missouri

    Funny as shit read the threads Onymous21
  13. ToneOZ

    Aussie Growers Thread

    Smoked the tombstone. Eh. 2/5 stars
  14. ToneOZ

    The landrace team?

    Never heard of them
  15. ToneOZ

    Rare: Fainting Goat x Missouri grape

    Never heard of missouri grape
  16. ToneOZ

    Best Blueberry?

    Looks hella sativaish! Nice
  17. ToneOZ

    Best Blueberry?

    And what did joti cross his with
  18. ToneOZ

    Best Blueberry?

    How many phenotypes in the bb from shorts line
  19. ToneOZ

    Cultivation/Possession compliance

    I second the inceneeator method. Where to apply
  20. ToneOZ

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Is it me or does it seem like potency is slowly declining put terpenes profiles are overwhelming, compared to 10 years ago