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    Why are my leaves drooping?

    I’ve been watering on a pretty good schedule but I’m not sure what happened to her...
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    Has anyone messed around with solar

    Has anyone used solar to power their grow? I’m interested but I’m not sure how many batteries I’d need for small grow but wanted to expand to a 4x4 tent.
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    Has anyone seen leaves like these?

    Not sure what’s going on with my plant but here’s a pic of the new inner leaves
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    Can’t identify this pest...

    Hey guys, need help identifying this pest.
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    So, I have a few vacations planned and I don't want to leave my plants high and dry. I was looking into a couple options which include a drip system or a float valve system (my plant is in DWC Home Depot bucket). I will be gone for a few days at a time. On another note in my area it could get...
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    What are canna businesses looking for?

    if you're working now or have worked in the canna business I'm looking for some answers. I'm really interested in getting into a established grow op in New Mexico. Would anyone have some advice?
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    400w cob

    I'm unsure if one cob 400w would be enough for a 2x2x2x4 tent. Or two 400w?
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    First time soil grow(happy frog)

    I'm not sure if I need to use any nutes in my happy frog soil I'm just using r/o water. Should I be using anything?
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    Humidity level in jars ranges 45-53

    What should I do? I have a total of 4 jars (one jumbo big mouth). I have read that I should use a wet paper in the jars. Should I be putting the bud in a dark place? I don't know why but the bud still seems wet even after 3-4 days drying. What could that be?
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    Whats going on with the top of this bud? What's going on with the top of this bud?
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    Day 4 of my first MJ plant.

    Hey! So, this is my first try with MJ. It has been a total of 2 weeks from seedling to grow tent and nute solution. This is what it looks like:
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    White stuff

    I found a white substance on the top of my rapid rooters I'll try to get a pic
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    A few questions

    Hey! So I got a few questions: - For soil or coco, how do you test the ppm's? - I have a 24x24x64 Grow tent. What kind of lights, filter, and fans do I need? - I've read some post on refilling nutes everyday in DWC but I'm kinda confused on the measurements can someone clear or explain a little...
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    What light bulb?

    What kind of light bulb should I use? I'm going to be using a clamp lamp. Also is Co2 needed? Thanks!
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    Banana's. Are they real?

    I just watched a video. It showed a thing called a "Banana" apparently it has pollen in it to breed only female seeds? Is this true?
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    How do I acquire seeds?

    How do I acquire seeds? I'm just starting out so I need any info I can get Thanks
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    becoming a designated caregiver in new mexico

    Hi, My brother has leukemia. I was wondering what it would take to become a designated caregiver for him. I haven't grown anything so this whole process is new to me.