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    Fellowship Of The 4x4 Tent

    even with 2 and half months of veg then 2 and half months of flower thats still nearly 5 grows a year when split between the tents.
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    Fellowship Of The 4x4 Tent

    does your 1 veg tent completely veg for both of your 2 flower tents? so you get like 6 grows a year assuming your seed is done flowering in 60 days
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    Dry amendments, mainlined green crack

    50/50 ratio. 3 table spoons per gallon as the master of this method does it (canuck). you wont get much feedback from anyone using this method as most veteran growers frown upon this method despite them never trying it. dry amendments cant break down in coco without microbes but adding stuff as...
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    Coco mix? Cree COB?

    don't listen to these two dudes. they search and find any post that has mc.canucks method or his name attached to it and bashes it. I honestly don't know what their deal is. I've personally have use his method before and turns out good for me. newer growers shouldnt start right off with that...
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    1 veg tent 2 flower tents (question)

    I'm a new grower. plan on setting up soon but I've had a idea on my mind that I've yet to find anywhere else. maybe its a dumb idea but I don't know. doesn't hurt to ask. So my idea is 1 veg tent (4x4) and 2 flower tents (4x4 or one 4x8 ). would it be doable having one veg tent for the the 2...
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    Square one genetics

    I agree there are some other good seeds out there but square one genetics banana buttercup crossings are out of this world. Mr.Canucks videos on them speak for their self