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  1. Meimei

    speaking about tilray

    Has anyone else noticed how Privateer Holdings aka. Leafly, tilray, arbor main and now this Marley brand is becoming or trying to become like a "household" name for itself? They seem set to break out in any new market with their company. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but this company seems...
  2. Meimei

    anyone else want to sue canada post?

    I am so sick and tired of these jackanapes not delivering any of my parcels. Or best yet, I have a massive fucking vinyl sign on my door that says, ring doorbell mostly deaf. And today I thought I heard someone at the door and go to check Nada. 3 minutes late I get a ping on my phone. Missed...
  3. Meimei

    Heads up!

    Hey all I don't know if we can post this or what but, I am sick of people not being able to find some sort information on the dispensaries we have at our...well dispense! I realize that this information is out there and can be found but if you're like me trying to find anything when you're new...
  4. Meimei

    Help! Growing advice

    Hi! I need help. I have been researching and looking into growing and picking the right seeds. The only thing missing is an experienced voice. The long and short of it. I just want to start super small, like one or two plants, and indoors. I don't want to mess it up by getting the wrong seeds...