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  1. Worcester

    bodhi seeds

    Happy Thanksgiving colocowboy. Be safe
  2. Worcester


    She’s good.
  3. Worcester

    Found my seed stash

    In comparison, I’d hit that like a screen door in a storm. Before she lost the weight, nooooooooo....
  4. Worcester

    Found my seed stash

    At least she’s not 450#s.
  5. Worcester

    Would You Mess Around With A Fat Girl?

    Noooooo never have so far, buttt..
  6. Worcester

    Which strain you like most

    :eyesmoke::eyesmoke: Mr. Nice White Widow...:weed::hump:
  7. Worcester


    In one of the off shoot sub., world's strongest strains, Bodhi is listed in one category..:hump: :hump::weed:
  8. Worcester

    Marijuana Seeds

    Visa, Visa, Visa c.c. is ok...:wall::hump:
  9. Worcester

    Flying High

    Good luck. Iz feared..:wall:
  10. Worcester

    attention fellow addicts....

    You know you made me go back to Att. to look,I had forgot that quick. I ordered Mr. Nice Seeds Medicine Man...Butt,I thought my c.c. would be declined,so the addict played,with success...:wall::wall::wall:
  11. Worcester

    attention fellow addicts....

    The Attitude Seed Bank just took my visa c.c. for payment...:wall::wall::wall: That is all...
  12. Worcester

    bodhi seeds

    You got plenty addicted company..:hump::wall:
  13. Worcester

    bodhi seeds

    If you're gonna go 2packs Mr. Bodhi, go with G.L.G. Buy 2, get 1 free..:hump: Space monkey..:weed:
  14. Worcester

    Where is Bruce Banner fem

    Also, Bruce Banner 3.0 same place...:hump: Thanks for helping me satisfy my ADDICTION...:wall::wall::wall:
  15. Worcester

    bodhi seeds

    As much as I like Attitude,G.L.G. for the win...:hump:
  16. Worcester

    I'm in Mexico.

    How are the women?:hump:
  17. Worcester

    Gorilla Bubble from Tonygreens Tortured Beans

    Sounds like, when the bx4 drops, it'll be your 2nd time ordering. No blue berry gorilla bubble as a freebee, that I've been able to read. You need to go there and explore the site for the hidden info. Butt, they've gotten better,now they have the info you asked about as a pop up, butt you gotta...
  18. Worcester

    Should I trim why brown

    Welcome. You'll never have to ask that question again. Have fun..:leaf::mrgreen:
  19. Worcester

    Where is Bruce Banner fem

    Thank you. I finally found Bruce or The Hulk. I'll find out...:hump: