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  1. bearded.beaver

    is this a male?

    Hey everyone I'm not sure if this is a male or not.
  2. bearded.beaver

    Ahhhhh. Just happened

    What the hell is this. I don't know what the hell this is. This happened over my dark cycle. I have neem powder topdressed and it wasn't like this yesterday. It was the closest to the fan. But it looks like thrips or leaf miners and something ate part if the leaf. Ahhhhh. WTF
  3. bearded.beaver

    Canadian Winter what to do?

    Hey Canadians what are you doing to get ready for your first LEGAL outdoor grow?
  4. bearded.beaver

    Neem Cake (powder) and Neem oil How to use it.

    I just received 1.5kg of Neem cake and a 10 Oz. bottle of cold pressed Neem oil. I've been trying to read how to in corporate these ingredients in my IPM. I wish I had added the Neem cake in my soil mix but I didn't have it at the time. So should I just top dress with it? How much should I...
  5. bearded.beaver

    Coconut Water

    What brand of coconut water do you use? I use Grace 100% coconut water. I mix this with water and use in my sips. I don't know what ratio I should be using but I usually use about half this can in one of my earthboxes and the other half in the other. I do that maybe once a week. Does any one out...
  6. bearded.beaver

    Bio Char

    First off I do make my own biochar in my fire pit but it's winter and I am not planning on sitting out by my little stove in the back yard. Can this be used? Crushed up then inoculated? I emailed them and they didn't add anything to it. It's 100% charred hardwood. Other then the gravel you find...
  7. bearded.beaver

    Other plants in your grow room?

    Hey everyone. I'm not talking about cover crops. Does anyone else have other plants in your grow room? Good idea or bad? Do you have any companion plants? What about a tomato plant? Or maybe some lettuce? I'm not meaning planting in the same pots. I'm just asking about having other plants in...
  8. bearded.beaver

    Essential oils and IPM

    I seen it tons of times now. People keep saying they use essential oils for their IPM sprays. I have searched Essential oils here and I'm not really getting any good info. So can people please tell me what essential oils to use (recipes) and how they use it. Foliar spray? Soil drench? And what...
  9. bearded.beaver

    S.I.P.S. Organic IPM

    What are other S.I.P.S. enthusiasts doing for their integrated pest management? I'd like to hear organic and chemical methods. Just say organic or chemical at the beging of your post. Also specify what country you are in as different rules govern availability of certain products. Let's make...
  10. bearded.beaver

    Using potatoes to catch gnat larvae

    I am placing potato slices on the soil surface to hopefully draw them in. I will leave them there for 4 hours. Then I will pick them up and throw them out. The theory is that the potatoes will attract the larvae then I can get rid of them. I placed them at 10:30am I will check at 2:30pm. I will...
  11. bearded.beaver

    Upside down seed pop

    I know it happens. Just wanting to know what others do when a seed starts pushing the tap root up instead of down. I germinated two Northern Lights and one started to push the root up. When I planted them in soil from the wet paper towel, I made sure the tap root was pointing down. One came up...
  12. bearded.beaver


    I'm new to roll it up and I don't see much about Earthbox grows or sub-irrigation planting systems in general. I got the idea from watching Pedro's Grow Room on YouTube. I had a successful grow last summer outdoors, so I got another one. I have two under a 600w air cooled tube light with a metal...
  13. bearded.beaver

    I can't find anything about this

    Growing in Earth Boxes Promix premium Organic soil mix with amendments, blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, dolomite lime 4x4 tent 600w mh in an air cooled tube Temp 30°c, humidity 27%-30% I do have some fungus gnats, getting some nematode in a few days I noticed this morning on my bottom leaves...