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  1. medicaloutlaw

    Household items for compost pile?

    Dug a compost hole mainly for a couple outdoor plants this year it 30" wide and approx 48" long and about 20" deep. I planned on throwing in my used up soil from last grow, banana peels, eggshells, potato skins etc. I thought I would chop up the leaves from the 15 foot banana trees around my...
  2. medicaloutlaw

    All Anesia Seeds grow

    Just dropped seeds so its time for a new journal. This time it will be an all Anesia Seeds grow. Captain Future, Bola Mintz, Slurricane, Blackberry Moonrocks, Hyperglue and the tasty Yuhbary. The last grow I used open racking but just got a new AC Infinity 5 x 5 and new lighting so Im really...
  3. medicaloutlaw

    Get paid for smoking weed? Recreational States only US

    Saw this and followed the link. And check out the application. Seems legit but my state is Medical only. This is for recreational states. Dont bite my dang head off Im just sharing it.
  4. medicaloutlaw

    Inventronics drivers vs Meanwell drivers

    Does anyone have any experience with these. Ive seen some lights with these and read some discussion about Inventronic Drivers mostly in commercial applications and they seem to have much potential and flexibility but versus the tried and true Meanwell how does it compare for us home growers...
  5. medicaloutlaw

    Is this what I think it is?

    Two weeks into flower. Thai plant. Looks like my first Hermie. Ive only seen them in pictures but thats what it looks like . Just wanting confirmation Thanks
  6. medicaloutlaw

    Freaking a little - advice please

    First of all I apologize for the HPS lighting. I tried to alter the filters on paintshop so it wouldnt be as bad. Okay I should have done a search before buying this crap. Flower Fuel 1-34-32 It has a double side scoop. The instructions say 1 small side scoop per gallon. So being careful...
  7. medicaloutlaw

    #MarsHydroFC-E 3000 contest

    #MarshydroFCE3000 This is for contest entry. I hope that I am doing this right and staying within rules of contest and rules of Forum. Unfortunately, I dont have a Mars Hydro but Im trying to do the best I can with what I have. Getting started growing again has given me new life and much...
  8. medicaloutlaw

    Dang Fly hatch

    Repotted a week ago. Added a mushroom compost to my normal soil so Im sure thats where they came from as it was the only thing I've changed and never used before. A week later Ive got these big flies. Looks like a housefly on steroids. But still half the size of a horsefly. Hung up some fly...
  9. medicaloutlaw

    LST - is this right?

    This is the first time Ive ever attempted to LST. Im a little nervous There are 3 Durban Poison's here. 23 days old in 5 gal fabric pots under 600 watt MH/HPS still in 18/6. I topped one a week ago and Fim'd the other two. I just bent some hangers and hooked onto the plant and gently bent them...
  10. medicaloutlaw

    Thoughts on Genetically altered plants?

    Just wanted to know your thoughts on some of the genetically altered products (not that I could ever afford any), Forever Buds or Never Dies Cannabis Plant that comes back as an annual every year. Outside of the astronomical costs is there really a market? They seem to have plenty of reviews...
  11. medicaloutlaw

    at what age should I start adding nutrients

    How old should my plants be when I start adding nutrients? What is a good starter brand and ratio for young plants? Thanks!
  12. medicaloutlaw

    $500 open rack grow

    No tent but I had these 2 racks in storage, The Wife gave me a budget of $500. Bought a (2) HPS600 and a small LED to start sprouts. Roots organic and Roots Lush, a dozen 5-gallon fabric pots. 3 bags of FF Ocean (not using) some seed starters rapid rooters and a box full of misc items with a few...
  13. medicaloutlaw

    Information Overload

    Finally, my state went medical. I can grow 6 in vegs 6 in flower. Im disabled vet with PTSD and get frustrated very easily. Im on fixed income and I just cant afford the dispensaries. I have covered so much information these past weeks that says one thing and then another that contradicts it...