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  1. Rdubz

    Weed in Canada has ZERO value

    YES TO THIS ! I'm interested :weed:
  2. Rdubz

    Weed in Canada has ZERO value

    Damn I’ll buy that all day !
  3. Rdubz

    Question for the powder people, Jack's people and/or Tint Eastwood

    Ok that makes perfect sense now I actually went into flower with a calcium deficiency so there was no fixing that it is what it is and I probably should of just stuck with the 12-4-16 they where doing beautifully Edit : and I honestly had no idea it didn’t have calcium until this thread so...
  4. Rdubz

    Question for the powder people, Jack's people and/or Tint Eastwood

    Jacks finish is 7-15-30 so it would be 17-15-30 if u add calnit and is this even a good idea I guess I’m just confused as to why they don’t even suggest using calnit with these products I understand That the 12-4-16 has a lot in it for RO but why wouldn’t they suggest using calnit for the other...
  5. Rdubz

    Question for the powder people, Jack's people and/or Tint Eastwood

    So on Jacks feeding chart they don’t show that you should use any calcium it only shows to be used with Epson for the mag but why would they want u to run with out and is this why I’m having problems now because no calcium , does not having calcium have a negative effect on roots? Edit: I was...
  6. Rdubz

    Question for the powder people, Jack's people and/or Tint Eastwood

    My first run with this and I had some great results so far ! Ya I’m feeling that sentiment right now I’m in last 1-2 weeks in flower I switched to the finish and now they aren’t happy my roots where perfect White full and now after the switch they don’t look as happy it’s weird also where my...
  7. Rdubz

    Medic grower fold 8 users????

    Do u have a link?
  8. Rdubz

    Automated Bud Curing Setup

    Ya if u need to cut the smell down for safety reasons I can see that being something to try but no your right for sure not necessary lol You should see my garage right now I'm finally building my final build for my root Chambers I made some prototypes and now I'm making the final version just...
  9. Rdubz

    Automated Bud Curing Setup

    Very good idea I like it I'm thinking of doing the same ! I wanted to add one thing for the air hose going in to the jar I would run that to the bottom and let the air Force the bottom up , is that what you are thinking?
  10. Rdubz

    First DWC grow with top feed lines!

    Look into Jar Cure in mason jars or something like that much better on the bud than a vacuum you will destroy all the trics and terps and all the resin will be all over the plastic I prefer to smoke my trics
  11. Rdubz

    Jacks 321 issues

    45% RH too low get it to upper 55-60% also can u tell me in EC what your tap is and also what’s in your Rez , there is always too much confusion with PPM there are different conversions, but from the sound of it 420 ppm if your using the x500 scale it’s very high I would invest in a RO filter ...
  12. Rdubz

    Leaves curling up and diyng out, please help identifying the cause.

    Well piss has a lot of nitrogen in it I have a dog so when he pisses on the lawn I try to go behind him and dilute with water and yes the grass is greener In those patches than anywhere else but bro I wouldn’t use it to feed plants and it looks more like the top is torched is it getting the most...
  13. Rdubz

    Nearly ready

    Still got 6-8 weeks looks like
  14. Rdubz

    Does Anyone Know How the Mars Hydro Warranty Works?

    U should of got this Edit : also I think the warranty is only for manufacture defect if it malfunctions not for scratches, at least I don’t think but once u hang it u will never see the scratch’s the light is too bright to look at lol so unless it don’t work I wouldn’t worry about it
  15. Rdubz

    The Mystery of the secret benefits of Semen.

    WTF did I just stumble into! No but for my GF loves to use as a lotion lmao
  16. Rdubz

    Cats in n grow room

    The cats are cute at least
  17. Rdubz

    Is 4 feet enough height???

    I guess 0 veg straight 12/12 after clone?
  18. Rdubz

    Is 4 feet enough height???

    that doesn’t sound possible it’s not a good idea to try that , you should stick with 1 layer no need for 2 on top of each other.
  19. Rdubz

    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    7 ish weeks , just some bag seed nothing special. They still look like they got some kick .