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    Alaska Fish Fertilizer

    You are right PW, that's exactly what it is my freind! I imagine it's salmon and whatever else they caught that day - but what the Hell (right). I use both kinds of Alaska Fish Emulsion + 2 kinds of Bat Guano to "coax" my otherwise "nuetral" and "mild" nutrients between Veg and Flower. Let me...
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    Do I need far red during veg

    Far Red Light has an effect on the rate of photosynthesis. The wole explaination is rather technical (meaning I forgot!) - but much more important, in my humble opinion, is that Far Red Light can and does produce "The Emerson Effect". I will define it breifely, but you should google it to get...
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    ‘Malawi cob style’ cure

    That link you provided was quite interesting; they claim that this method increases the potentcy dramatically. Do you find that to be true? If that's the case: why doesn't everybody dry and cure this way? It (almost) sounds too good to be true. That article was three years old, I would think...
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    ‘Malawi cob style’ cure

    What am I looking at? They look like dried up turds! To be honest, I've never heard of this Malowi whatever it is. It appears that the buds have been compressed together and allowed to dry/cure that way (in a sort of a brick) - then broken apart in chunks. If I'm right; it seems like an open...
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    Bat guano

    I'm aware this thread is a little old, but nobody really addressed the OP's question about Bat Guano. There are essentially two kinds of Bat Guano; it depnds on the diet that is consumed by that species of bat. Mexican Freetail bats (and most all American species) are "Insect Eaters"...
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    Fish tank water.

    Yes. It's called "Guppyponics". Google it.
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    That would have been my first choice too, but they are only available in 250 watt size or bigger. Too big for what I am doing, I'm using a combination of three 150 watt lights.
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    It's not the ceramic socket I'm worried about. MH and HPS lights use a different type of ballast.
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    I want to take a simple HPS growlight and add an MH ballast and a couple of dpdt switches. One switch for the power; the other one for the lamps (which will be changed). I'm not worried about the power switch; but the ballast puts out a "Starting Pulse" of like 4 or 5 thousand volts. I'm no...
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    Guys Im growing a strain that literally has to get watered twice a day cause she drinks it up like a camel in the sun..Should i feed more often ?

    Sounds to me like you're just over waterng! What makes you think that you need to water twice a day? How much water do you add? how much run-off do you get? Does the pot feel very light weight before watering? If you're only adding a quart or so at a time - you are definately over watering...
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    I think the reason some people are concerned that clones will eventually "lose something", or deteriorate over time, is because of the way they percieve clones in the first place. As stated above, clones are thought of as "an EXACT replica", or in other cases the cloning process is thought of...
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    Feeding plants

    10-10-10 and 20-20-20 are the same (as far as ingredients go). 20-20-20 is just twice as strong. What makes the difference is the dosage = the amount you actually use with each gallon of water. Some people feed evey second or third watering, I prefer to divide the dosage so that I feed a...
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    It's not a plant once it's harvested...

    The wording of laws is very clear. The violation of the law isn't for " growing at home"; it's for "manufacturing a controlled substance" (or something similar). Obviousely, if you are in possession of freshly cut buds, you are in the process of manufacturing. The bigger question is - are you...
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    Gardening with manure.

    Steers eat hay and that kind of stuff - that's why their manure is good fertilizer. People in China eat mostly rice and bean sprouts - that's why their humanure is ok. I wonder what Charlieo eats - maybe Pizza and Hot Dogs or something like that. The American diet (or the whole Western World...
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    We're all familiar with the collective wisdom stratigy: "Wait till the soil is dry (or light weight)" - then - "Drench it good, untill you get a healthy amout of run-off". But the thought occured to me - is that really the best way? Or is that really meant to be a warning for Newbies who might...
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    How long should I leave plants in solo cups before I should transplant?

    That's true, some people are just "Dumbasses"!
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    How long should I leave plants in solo cups before I should transplant?

    It cracks me up that people always "Point out" that it's an old thread. So what? I've been on here for a few years now and people keep asking the same stupid questions - therefore the information is still relevent. It's not just a matter of helping the OP answer his question - it's a matter...
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    Hey old many over 50 yrs?

    I was #10 on this list - nine years ago. And guess what; I'm still here!