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  1. MisterKister

    Medicgrow Spectrum X and Y melonsicle grow show

    What's up fellow rollitupers and growmies decided to do a new grow with the medicgrow spectrum x and y First thing I noticed about them was that nothing on the box said anything about a led being inside (stealth shipping)! I was rather worried about that because one of the reps said they didn't...
  2. MisterKister

    When do you start the count of flowering days

    Well there ya go straight from the horses mouth
  3. MisterKister

    CO2 and vpd question

    Hey guys what's up? What vpd should I be shooting for with CO2? For veg and flower as well Thank you in advance
  4. MisterKister

    Shout out to grizzly seed bank

    Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome customer support. I can't believe the length they go through to make sure you're a happy customer.
  5. MisterKister

    Look what came in the mail

    ordered April 1st came today all the way from the Netherlands.
  6. MisterKister

    Just wanted to show this nug off

  7. MisterKister

    Misterkister's grow (shwazzing)

    Ok guys here goes nothing heres my equipment I'm running right now My autopilot co2 controller The fan and charcoal filter the filter is a vivosun The light is a 1000 watt de Hortilux This is my contraption for my air pump which powers my 8 inch air stones The hydrofarm 1/4hp cooler The...
  8. MisterKister

    Overclocking a de cmh bulb to 1150?

    Anyone have any idea what would happen if I ran my cultilux de cmh 1000watt at 1150watts?