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  1. bonytang

    i-95! 4x4 week 7 update

    Quick update on the 4x4 with I-95 start of week 7 looking A+. Working with the Optic Slim 480 in this tent & moving the rest from the 2x4 in here as soon as these finish up. Couple days from now maybe Wed-Thursday add Winter Frost before cutting the cal-mag week 8 next Monday. Week 9 will...
  2. bonytang

    Rotation update, 4 tent dwc + *drip

    Hey what's up all just a quick update & a few pics of what's in the space. In continuation from the last grow here's some updates from the ARC, Blue Apricot, & Jungle Apples. With this new set up now working with 4 tents...
  3. bonytang

    Alien Banana *Rock* Candy // from seed to finish

    Sup! Haven't updated the grow till now but since she's coming down tomorrow I thought might as well put up a couple snaps of the timeline. Appreciate everybody for stopping in & helping along the way as I'll be posting more during dry, cure, & of course the final product. Before I moved the...
  4. bonytang

    Transplanting from soil to DWC

    Hey guys just seeing if anyone has good tips on transplanting from soil to dwc. I have 3 new Sour Dubbs and 1 which was transplanted a week ago didn't make it, the 2nd might be ok but is starting to turn yellow, & the 3rd is still in soil waiting to be transplanted. Tough thing is these weren't...
  5. bonytang

    Seedlings shriveled up after removing plastic/humidity cover?

    Hey guys long time no hello. Hoping someone can advise on how to prevent other seedlings from shriveling up. Planted directly in DWC reservoir, she sprouted a few days ago and have been keeping a plastic wrap over the net cup to keep humidity up during while germinating...she sprouted a few days...
  6. bonytang

    newbie solo hydro grow

    sup all been a long time since i been on here! did a little auto-flower cheese trip maybe 2013 or so & now just getting back into it again. good times. on this grow, 1st plant started back in the end of January, Alien Rock Candy feminized and just turned on the youtube to get her started...