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  1. Spark O'Matic

    Help diagnosis please

    I had this a week ago rusty/yellow starting at tips of oldest growth. Someone online said calmag deficiency cut off effected leaves and feed well no it's back and I joined here for Better information, what am I looking at and how do I fix it?
  2. Spark O'Matic

    General Warning public service announcement.

    Just wanted to take a moment to step up on my soapbox and warn everybody I can. I went through head and neck cancer associated with HPV virus (that's what you get for always making sure she gets hers first) I had several other health problems also but had made it through cancer treatments and...
  3. Spark O'Matic


    With a 3x3 tent and bargain basement investment for setup how much can I realistically expect to save eventually. I went from wow today's weed is a lot stronger than what we had back in the 70s to smoking an OZ a week to deal with pain, nausea and sleep issues. I'm hopping there will be shake to...
  4. Spark O'Matic

    Help, how do I like a post?

    Stupid noob question but I can't find like and I want to enter the contest.
  5. Spark O'Matic

    New in town, just found this place

    Well I have not smoked in over 20 years when I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer so I'm back. These are the first things I learned and I suppose most Noobs as well. I found a seed in some killer and dropped it in wet paper towels, bought a $9.99 grow bulb at Home Depot that said to...