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  1. getogrow

    Is this ANOTHER FFOF problem ?

    Sorry for the shitty hps pics. had no choice. This is my second run of the same batch of FFOF and this aint right. Been using this crap for years with the same strains and this shit is happening.... I know from experience that it will go away after a week or so of regular feeding but what is...
  2. getogrow

    Mejui Light issue. A8

    Been using a couple A8's from mejui for 4 or 6 months and now 4 of the bars on one light are very very dim. The other 4 are bright and normal. Is it possible that the dimmer could do that ? Ive heard @bk78 talking about tossing their junk dimmers. I dont see the dimmer doing this so im going...
  3. getogrow

    Auto watering help needed.

    I been using a gravity fed homemade watering system for many years but its high time i upgraded to a full auto system. I like to put a bunch of heads together to figure out simple shit like this. The simplest method would probably be the best for me. Ive looked at the lil heads that you put in...
  4. getogrow

    Back to organics. needing some info

    i been around a while....been doing soil and chems for the most part but im really wanting to get back into the life of true organics. I need some help. I have read teaming with microbes....and the soil food web by Dr. laura ingram. That was years ago when i was practicing organics with bad...
  5. getogrow

    Help Emulsifying Neem oil

    Ok, i been using neem for decades without knowing how to really mix it properly. Now that i figured out how to mix it properly , its not working anymore. Its come down to the type of water being used. Ive used the same dish soap and same cold pressed neem , ordered from the same company...
  6. getogrow

    Does pepper spray really kill mites?

    The mites we have are completely immune to pyrethrins and other chems found in other bug bombs. Neem has always helped, its never really killed them all but its always hel;ped.....not any more. Ive always assumed the mites that survive the bombs were just hiding good enough to not be...
  7. getogrow

    Help with LED's.

    I would like some more info before making the switch from HID. I want to cover a 6x10 ft area. Currently running 2k hps. My main question is, will 2- 200/300 actual watts of samsung lm301h diodes cover half of the room or will i need 3 lights per 1k? Thanks in advance.
  8. getogrow

    Can i plant very close to water a wet area ? or is it going to be moldy ?

    buddy of mine want to put a few by a creek but it stays wet ...kind of a forest... the light is ok but im worried about the constant moisture ?
  9. getogrow

    Soil is back folks !

    I'm back from 2008 ! aka wyteboi aka soil. Been growing for a couple decades and VERY picky on species. (very skunky pheno or bust) Passion is turning used, shitty, dirt into a thriving soil. Love helping others. Lots of opinions on politics but would never claim "democrat or republican". I'm...